Dress Sexy in Plus Size: 8 Slimming Tops

Dress sexy in plus size: here are 8 flattering and slimming tops that you’ll love. Sexy plus size tops are as much about proportion as they are about shape. Styles that are slimming don’t hide you, but play-up your best features.

1. Tunic

Tunics are slimming and the variety of shapes, lengths and styles gives you a lot to choose from for flattering your unique figure.

Look for loose-fitting, flowing tunics in a soft prints or jewel tones, such as ruby and emerald. A tunic with a v-neck works with figures that are pear shape or rounded. A tunic with lightly padded shoulders is a great choice for the pear shape figure.

2. Menswear Boyfriend Shirt

Menswear can be sexy; wear a boyfriend shirt un-tucked and buttoned low to show off a chunky necklace and your décolleté.

Look for form-fitting shirts cut on the bias. This is a slimming style for the hourglass figure. A loose fitting menswear shirt in black is classy and versatile and looks good on women with rounded figures.

3. Wrap or Mock-Wrap

The wrap or mock-wrap top is flattering on all figures. The diagonal lines are slimming because they cut across the middle at an angle, giving you a longer look. The v-neck draws the eye upward and frames your face.

Look for high—or empire—waist tops, flowing outward from the waistband.

4. Tie or Banded Hem

The tie, banded or balloon hem looks great on the rounded and hourglass figure. Look for silky, flowing material in jazzy colors like lime and neon blue.

Tops with hems that tie at the hip are slimming for the rounded and hourglass figure. You can also layer them under a shrug, crop cardigan or jacket. Choose a banded-hem top with spaghetti straps. Narrow straps slim the shoulders and the look is cool and fresh.

5. Smock

A smock is a loose-fitting top; usually made of light, translucent fabric.

Find a softly printed smock with butterfly sleeves for an alluring look. Wide sleeves make the arms look slimmer. Smocks with ruffled v-necks are slimming for women who want to draw attention to the neck and face.

6. Tank

Tanks come in all lengths, from mid-thigh to top of the hip, and give the appearance of slimming by creating a long, smooth line. They’re great for layering under jackets and blazers.

Tank tops with v-neck or wide-scoop necklines slim you if you have a pear shape figure. Halter-top tanks flatter the hourglass figure and show off your shoulders.

7. Off Shoulder, Half-Shoulder or Asymmetrical Cut Neckline

Show off your pretty arms and shoulders with tops that have an unconventional cut. Asymmetrical necklines draw attention to your face and create flattering angles.

  • A loose, flowing top that is off the shoulder or off one shoulder is a sexy option for the rounded figure.
  • Form fitting off the shoulder or off one shoulder tops look sexy on the hourglass figure.
  • Off the shoulder tops slim the pear shape figure by adding width to your shoulders.
  • Don’t forget to look for tops with lattice necklines—strips of fabric that criss-cross. This adds interest to your upper body.

8. Diagonal or Asymmetrical Hem

A diagonal, or an asymmetrical hem, makes your legs look longer, pares down width, and creates angles on your body. Find a flowing top with a pointed asymmetrical hem in a bold print.


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