Don’t have Stretching Equipment? 7 Other Items You Can Use

Stretching helps the body heal from pain and can prevent injury. Stretching equipment, however, can be very expensive. There are 7 items, however, that you most likely will have in your house, that you can use to facilitate stretching. With all stretches, only stretch as far as is comfortable. Don’t be discouraged if you can only do a small percentage of the movement. With time and perseverance, your muscles will become more flexible.

1. The Wall

There are several fabulous stretches using an undecorated wall. The basic position involves lying on your left side with your buttocks very close to the wall. Swing your legs up so they are against the wall and you are on your back. Just lying with your legs up the wall, feet flat with the bottom of your feet parallel to the ceiling sends circulation to the lower back.

Now that you are in this position, bend your legs and put your feet together. Try to press your knees against the wall and feel the stretch in your thighs, hips and groin.

2. The Corner of a Wall

The corner of a wall provides a great place to stretch the fascia between the bicep and tricep. Make a circle with your right thumb and pointer finger. Press the circle against the wall to your right side. Step forward, stretching your arm forward.

3. Pillows

Stacked pillows can help with a chest opener and upper back stretch. What you’re replacing is an exercise ball or log-shaped syrofoam stretching tool. Pillows that are firm and narrow are the best. Stack the pillows on the carpet or an exercise mat. Sit with your back to the pillows, facing the long way. Lie back so that the end of the stack hits just above your waist. Allo


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