Does Your Bra Fit You the Way It Should?

It seems like a simple concept: find a bra with a good fit. Yet, it is a task that few women are able to do. Though there are many sizes available to fit any bustline, women find that their body shape also plays a role in the correct bra size. A bra that fits incorrectly can make clothes fit improperly, show bulges and lines where they shouldn’t be, or allow your breasts to fall out. There are a variety of bra types for every shape and size, and knowing your particular shape will allow you to choose a bra that fits properly.

Small Busts

Thanks to many new shapes of bras, small busted women can still show off some cleavage. The Wonderbra, introduced in 1994, changed history for flat chested women. Extra firm padding gave even the smallest breasted women an opportunity to show off a plunging neckline and feel sexy. Since the release of the Wonderbra, nearly every department store has launched some type of cleavage-enhancing bra. These bras come in a variety of colors and patterns–some with lace, some snap in front, and some hook in the back.

An air bra is a bra that has inflatable inserts placed inside the cups which can be removed. The inserts are silicone pads and look more natural than the extra padding in other types of bras. Small chested women can also choose the smaller triangle bra which actually can make breasts look larger because the pad is more fitted.

Large Busts

Large breasted women have a greater need to find a proper fitting bra because breasts that are heavy and not properly supported can cause shoulder and back problems. Women with large busts should never wear small trianglular cups, and should stick to full-cups that support and flatter the bust.

Lined cups, such as those with underwire, can give extra support to those women with especially large breasts. Support and comfort should be the top concerns for this body type to keep breasts from sagging and prevent health problems. There are also backless bras available for big bustlines, one of the more well known is the Natural Strapless Underwired Bra, which has a back strap that is transparent. The largest size available for the Natural Strapless is a DD cup.

Medium Busts

Women who have bust lines in between what is considered small and large tend to have the greatest amount of choices in bras available to them. Demi-cups and balconnete bras are great for petite women with small to medium bust lines. Demi-cups generally push breasts inward to give a greater amount of cleavage and keep breasts from spreading underneath the arm. Balconettes have a horizontal cut right about the bust line to add fullness and lift. Additional padding in the balconnette bra enhances the size of the breasts, giving medium bust lines an extra fullness.

Miscellaneous Sizes

Contour cups are bras that keep their shape regardless if they are being worn or not. These bras have underwire and foam lining to keep the shape rounded and sculpted, giving a symmetrical look to the breasts. Contour cups work well for women who don’t fit in any standard sized bras, or women who have breasts that are uneven or slightly misshaped.


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