Does Yogurt Promote Fat Loss?

Several studies show that incorporating fat-free yogurt into a person’s daily diet may just be the answer needed in the long and hard battle against excess fat. Although not all variables have been tested and the experiments done may not be in a controlled environment, results are nothing but promising. According to the studies, yogurt may speed up the body’s fat-burning mechanisms, hasten weight loss and trim up tummies.

Calcium in Yogurt is Associated with Low Body Fat

In a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, calcium, one of the minerals generously present in yogurt is said to have a negative correlation to low body fat. This means that a high level of calcium is associated with low levels of body fat and vice versa. 

In another study conducted by researchers from the University of Tennessee, it was observed that a 300 mg increase in the regular calcium intake results to 1 kg less body fat in children and a close to 3 kg weight loss for those in midlife. In another study conducted by Obesity Research, obese adults were placed in a daily diet with 500 calorie deficit. The subjects all have the same number of calories in their recommended diet and the only variable is the calcium intake. It was observed that varying levels of calcium intake results to different percentages of fat loss, and the people who have lost more are those who are on a high calcium dairy diet. The difference in the percentage of the fat loss between the ones on a high calcium dairy diet and the ones on a low calcium diet is a whopping 47%.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity, a group of obese men and women, were put on a reduced calorie diet that includes 3 portions of yogurt. The result of the study shows that the group with the 3 portions of yogurt in the diet lost 61% more fat and 81% more fat in the tummy area compared to the group given the same calorie count, but were only given little or no dairy products and low amount of calcium.

Calcium in Yogurt Speeds up Fat Oxidation

Several studies have made a connection between calcium intake and fat oxidation (burning of fat). There have been several attempts to explain the connection. One of which is the study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Based on the experiment performed, in a span of a year, the rate of fat oxidation (burning) was 20 times higher in women on high calcium diet compared to those on the lower calcium diet group. Low levels of parathyroid hormone (hormone secreted by the body on low instances of calcium to signal the bones to release calcium in the bloodstream) and high levels of calcium were seen in women who were burning fats more rapidly.

Although there are no official statements on yogurt’s role in fat loss, yogurt is a healthy food and should be part of every person’s diet.


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