Does Vegetarian = Healthy By Default?

Most people assume that vegetarian healthy lifestyles are a given. If a person isn’t eating meat, and is only eating fruits and vegetables, they must be healthy right? The answer is no. Just because you are eating a vegetarian diet, doesn’t mean that you are eating healthfully.

Lacto Ovo Vegetarians

Lacto ovo vegetarians don’t eat any meat products including fish, but they will eat dairy and eggs. With this particular form of vegetarianism, you must choose low fat dairy and need to eat plenty of soy and leafy greens can be healthy. If you choose fatty dairy products, and don’t eat a wide variety of vegetables, you are likely going to be unhealthy due to poor vitamin and nutrient intake.

A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Most vegetarian healthy diets include a wide variety of greens, fruits, supplements, and plenty of soy that contains high amounts of protein. However, unless you take time really research what your body needs, and what you are eating in order to ensure a balanced diet, you could be very unhealthy on a vegetarian diet.

If you are considering a vegetarian diet, it is important to remember that it doesn’t automatically mean you will be eating healthy. Care must be taken to ensure that your dietary needs are met.


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