Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh

Are you at home? Look around, what do you see? If you see a neat and tidy home, with everything meticulously placed and clean, then you are probably in decent physical shape. If you’re surrounded by clutter, then you probably have too much junk in your trunk. In 2007, a study revealed that those who are neat and tidy are more likely to lose the weight and keep the weight off. Those that are disorganized are more likely to stay overweight or regain weight once lost. This isn’t true for everyone – we all know at least one overweight neat freak and a few skinny slobs. But many of us may be surprised to learn that our clutter helps keep us fat. A new book by Peter Walsh, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?, offers advice and tactics to help us get our clutter under control, and get our booties in line with it!

Peter Walsh considers himself part contractor and part therapist. He’s an organizational consultant, and may be best known for his advice on Clean Sweep, a television show on The Learning Channel. Walsh published a book called It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff. Soon after, he began hearing from people that followed his advice to de-clutter and found an unexpected bonus – weight loss – and a new book was born.

Throughout Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? are letters from real people who shared their stories of connecting clutter to their weight problems, and most mentioned the stress clutter brought to their lives. Nutritional Health Counselor Donna Butler recently said, “Stress induces the hormone cortisol. It’s like a domino affect. Cortisol elevates your blood sugar levels, therefore insulin is produced to help regulate your blood sugar.” That, in turn, makes you hungry. This could explain part of it. Another point well drilled in is that chaos can keep us from having the time and desire to eat well and exercise. Many of the letters from readers describe how de-cluttering helped them realize they were depressed, and how that affected how they ate. After de-cluttering, they felt refreshed with a new outlook on life. Who wouldn’t make better food and health choices after that?

This isn’t a traditional diet book. You won’t find a food plan or calorie chart between the covers. Walsh tells us that it isn’t about the diet. It’s about the choices we make. It’s about the life you live. We are guided through steps that help us compare the life we have to the life we want. We’ll go through each section of our home and learn how the condition of that room relates to how we view and live our lives. It sounds easy and simple enough that we shouldn’t need a book to tell us how to do it. But honestly, it really doesn’t hit home until you read it in print complete with testimonials and light hearted quips that we can all relate to. It didn’t take long for me to get the urge to clean my house and thin out my bookshelves.

Walsh can also be brutally honest. Look, it’s not rocket science. If you stand in front of an oncoming bus, you’re going to get hurt. If you sit on the sofa in front of the TV every night from 7:30 until the eleven o’clock news, drinking soda and eating takeout, you’ll be fat. Period. End of story. I don’t want to ear about gland problems, big bones, or inherited fat supercells. Your choices have consequences. There is no magic cure. Food is not some hypnotic, evil force against which we are powerless. Food is delicious. It gives us energy. Eating is joyous. It should give us pleasure, pleasure that we share with our friends and family. I’m not here to provide you with recipes for low-fat chicken and instructions on how to make a salad. You know as well as I do what constitutes a healthy diet: lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, some lean protein, some whole grains. Come on, do you really need me or another diet book to spell it out for you? I don’t think so. We know how to eat right, but we don’t do it. Why not?

That’s a sample of what you’ll find in Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?. Walsh’s ‘in your face’ style is eye-opening and refreshing. He definitely doesn’t take the ‘it’s not your fault you’re fat’ approach, and neither should we. After all, it really is all about choices. If you read this book and follow the steps Walsh outlines, then you will have the power and control you need to make the right choices. Only good things can follow!

Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?: An Easy Plan for Losing Weight and Living More can be purchased at or your local bookseller.


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