Does Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Work?

Although it’s not the most popular or the most common method of exfoliating the facial skin, a pumpkin enzyme peel can be found in numerous product lines. The idea behind these products is that the various enzymes in the pumpkin, combined with other ingredients and nutrients, can be made into a peel substance that can be applied to the face. When it is removed, it helps to exfoliate the face and to clean off any dirt, oil and other debris that may have settled into the skin.

Pumpkin enzyme peels are effective at eliminating surface level dirt and oil. Many people find that they are easier on the skin than some other types of exfoliating treatments. However, each person will have a different reaction to the process of using a pumpkin enzyme peel, and you may find that the cost of these products outweighs the effectiveness in your case. Read on for a brief overview of this type of skin product and how it is effective.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Overview

Pumpkin enzyme peels are typically made up of two major active ingredients. The first of these are enzymes taken from the pumpkin. These may be extracted from the peel of the pumpkin, the inner pumpkin filling, or the seeds. These enzymes or helpful at breaking down dead skin particles that have settled on the face. As they do so, they can help to wash away other things that may have settled onto the face as well, including oil and dirt.

The second major active ingredient in most pumpkin enzyme peels is Vitamin A. Vitamin A has long been recognized for its important health benefits. Applying Vitamin A to the skin causes the skin to stimulate additional collagen production. It also stimulates cell regrowth in the skin as well, helping to ensure that your face produces healthy looking new skin cells as quickly as possible.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Effectiveness

Depending upon the exact type of pumpkin enzyme peel that you select, the effectiveness may vary. Some pumpkin enzyme peels are actually aloe based. These types of peels tend to cause the opposite of an exfoliating effect to occur and may clog up your pores and damage your skin over the long term. Other pumpkin enzyme peels are quite effective at removing the outer layers of dead skin but don’t provide much by way of cleaning off the dirt and oil from the other parts of your face.

Generally speaking, pumpkin enzyme peels tend to be quite a bit more expensive than their counterparts in the line of exfoliating products. If you’re looking for a new exfoliant, research some of the leading pumpkin enzyme peel brands and try one of them out to see how it works for you. Because each person responds differently, it can be hard to say whether any type of exfoliant will work better or worse for any individual person.


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