Does Oxygen Therapy Help Athletic Performance?

Oxygen is essential for survival on every level. In addition to that well known idea is the fact that oxygen is also critical for athletes and athletic endeavors. This is because oxygen facilitates glycogen production, which is the lifeline for muscle energy. A lack of oxygen to the brain can cause pyruvic acid in the body to turn to lactic acid, which can be removed easily by the body in most instances. However, when an athlete is undergoing intense exercise or pressure, the body struggles to remove the lactic acid quickly. This is the main cause for fatigue.

Fighting Muscle Fatigue with Oxygen

This fatigue and collection of lactic acid in muscle cells is the reason that so many athletes undergo oxygen therapy on a regular basis. Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy can give the body the ability to saturate far more oxygen and allow it to use all the oxygen to flush out lactic acid and prevent the muscles from becoming fatigued. The elevated levels of oxygen can not only help at the time of exercise, but also boost recovery after a performance or workout. On top of all of that, increased oxygen levels can also help increase awareness and decision making. These factors can drastically impact an athlete’s performance.

Oxygen Therapy for All Skill Levels

Whether an athlete is a beginner or professional, oxygen therapy can help her heal and get back to her peak performances in a much quicker period of time. Injuries are a big part of athletic life and the swelling and edema from sprains and strains can really affect athletic performance. Blood vessels can be compressed and prevent oxygen from flowing freely to and from the cells. Areas became starved for oxygen due to the disruption, which can decrease athletic performance and impede healing. It is very rare, but in extreme situations, this can actually lead to cell and tissue death.

Maximizing Performance with Oxygen

It is impossible to maintain life without oxygen; therefore it’s importance cannot be ignored. It is also a key component, in addition to a proper diet, a good exercise regimen and proper mental focus, to achieving peak athletic performance. It can reach injured areas and help them heal. It can also improve mental performance and drastically cut down on muscle fatigue. A lack of oxygen really can lead to poor performance and vice versa.

When more oxygen is introduced to the body there are many benefits to consider, including drastically reduced healing time. The immune system can do a better, more efficient job of defending the body against harmful toxins, and the entire body and mind can perform better. Without oxygen, the body just cannot function in the manner that it was designed. Oxygen therapy is one of the best ways to feel better, heal quicker, and perform more admirably–no matter what sport or exercise you choose to partake in.


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