Does Juice from Concentrate Have Less Nutritional Benefits?

Juice from concentrate is made by removing the water from whole juice. Water has to be added to the juice concentrate to make it potable. This type of juice is different from fresh frozen juice that’s squeezed and then packaged without pasteurization or processing. Fresh frozen juice can be enjoyed immediately after thawing it, unlike juice from concentrate which has to have water added to it.

Preparation of Juice from Concentrate

Juice concentrate is prepared by first removing the juice from fresh fruit, straining it to remove the pulp and then boiling it to pasteurize it and decrease the water content. Decreasing the water content is advantageous for the manufacturer because it’s cheaper to transport the concentrate due to its decreased quantity. The concentrate is free from bacteria and has a longer shelf life. However, in terms of nutrition, juice from concentrate has fewer nutrients because vitamins such as vitamin C are broken down by the heat that’s required to remove the water from the juice. In addition, some of the compounds that give the fresh juice its flavor also get broken down, and therefore juice from concentrate is not as tasty as fresh juice.

Is Juice from Concentrate as Nutritious as Fresh Fruit or Juice?

Nutrients are lost from a food as it undergoes processing. Hence, whole fruit is a better option because it has higher amounts of nutrients. Whole fruit is also better than freshly made juice because some of the pulp gets discarded while the juice is extracted. As more time elapses between the making of the juice and its consumption, more vitamins are lost. Hence, unless all the pulp of the fruit is added to the freshly made juice, and unless you drink the juice immediately after it’s squeezed, it will have fewer nutrients than the whole fruit. Juices from concentrate are processed and packaged and consumed after a longer period. However, essential antioxidants and vitamins are volatile and are lost with the passing of time. It’s therefore best to have a few servings of whole fruit every day.

Advantages of Juice from Concentrate

If you have a glassful of juice made by adding water to a concentrate, you consume the juice of a larger amount of fruit in comparison to eating the whole fruit, and this at a fraction of the cost of the whole fruit. Drinking juice made from a concentrate is cheaper and more convenient than eating whole fruit, because you only have to buy a bottle of concentrate and store it in your refrigerator.

By drinking juice from concentrate, you consume less fiber. The concentrated juice also has fewer nutrients, because some of the nutrients contained in fresh fruits are lost in the process of preparing the concentrate. The same is true regarding the flavor. However, juice from concentrate is cheaper, more convenient and does have sufficient essential nutrients to justify its consumption.


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