Does Drinking Soy Milk Help You Lose Weight?

Soy milk has not shown any significant data regarding consumption and weight loss. However, this lactose free milk alternative does have a low caloric content per serving. Every cup of soy milk contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Many people who suffer from lactose intolerance enjoy soy milk; they also find that the soy alternative contains a similar nutritional value.

Nutritional Properties of Soy Milk

Each one cup serving of plain soy milk contains 100 calories, about 40 of which come from fat. Soy milk also contains a high amount of calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and many B Vitamins.

This nutritional powerhouse does have potential to aid in weight loss diets for both men and women.

Weight Loss Value

At 100 calories per serving, soy milk serves as a light choice for those looking to slim down. However, in order to see such benefits, one has to consume these low calorie foods in moderation. Over consuming on low calorie foods equals eating caloric dense foods in moderation.

The protein found in soy milk helps regulate hunger. A one cup serving of this dairy alternative contains 7 or 8 grams of protein. This macronutrient allows people  to fight off food cravings for longer by making them feel satisfied. The satiety provided by a tall glass of soy milk keeps people content, satisfied and out of the fridge or pantry.

Drinking soy milk in place or as part of a small meal or snack serves as another way to meet recommended daily values of nutrients while limiting caloric consumption.

Soy milk has limited carbohydrates and sugars. At 7 grams of sugars per serving, drinking soy milk instead of fruit juice or pop will help keep the metabolic processes working properly. Most, if not all, of the sugars contained in soy milk will get metabolized and used as energy.

Soy Ideas

Rather than adding soy milk to cereal, try mixing it with a protein powder supplement before or after a workout. Along with the moderate levels of low glycemic sugars and a fair amount of protein, soy milk contains vitamins and minerals that help keep your muscles working during physical activity. The B Vitamins in soy milk also help regulate and maintain muscle growth, repair and overall function.

For weight loss goals, try consuming foods with sugars during times of the day when you take part in the most action. Instead of drinking soy milk before bed, limit your consumption to the early hours of the morning and before noon. Your body will have a better chance of using the sugars instead of storing them.

Soy milk will help you maintain a target weight when substituted for beverages of high sugar content. Instead of drinking apple juice or orange juice in the morning, enjoy a glass of soy milk. The simple sugars found in most fruit juices cause our blood sugar levels to rapidly increase due to an influx in insulin secretion. Soy milk helps limit this action, while filling you up with nutrients that play a role in a variety of health benefits.


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