Do Stretch Bands Really Work?

While most people usually think of free weights and bulky exercise machines as methods of working out, stretch bands are a good way to add variety to your exercise regimen. Although no exercise method works the same for everyone, stretch bands provide convenient resistance training for anyone that is willing to use them.

What Are Stretch Bands?

Stretch bands are commonly referred to as resistance bands and look like large rubber bands. They are a convenient and inexpensive form of exercise equipment that can be used anywhere, anytime. Stretch bands are available in a variety of colors, tension levels and other options, such as those with handles, figure eight’s and double bands.

How Stretch Bands Work

Because the stretch bands provide the resistance that is necessary to build muscles and tone fatty areas on your body, there is no need to use weights during your workout. Stretch bands can be tied around pillars or staircases to make chest presses and seated rows simple. They can also be used on their own, such as when doing bicep curls or squats. For additional options, you may find it useful to purchase a how-to video or search here at 3FC for exercises that can be done while using the stretch bands.

Benefits of Using Stretch Bands

There are a variety of benefits to using stretch bands, including:

  • Convenient and easy to take with you. Stretch bands are small enough to fit in your purse, luggage, desk or car, making them a simple and effective method of exercise anywhere.
  • Good muscle involvement. Not only are your large muscles doing the work while using stretch bands, but smaller stabilizing muscles are also being used. By using these muscles, stretch bands improve coordination and balance.
  • Variety. There are numerous exercises that can be done with stretch bands, which allows for flexibility and variety during a workout. Free weights and weight machines are often limited in how exercises can be performed.
  • Easy to use. Whether you are just beginning an exercise routine or are a conditioned athlete, stretch bands can be used by anyone. Intensity can be added at any time.
  • Easy to store. Unlike dumbbells and bulky exercise equipment, stretch bands can be easily stored almost anywhere.

Do Stretch Bands Really Work?

The success rate of using stretch bands is contingent upon how they are used and how often they are used. If you are determined to correctly use the stretch bands on a regular basis, you will notice more muscle growth and tone. In addition, you will find that stretch bands increase flexibility within your muscles, making exercise more enjoyable. Unlike free weights, which can be powered by momentum, stretch bands only work when the user stretches the elastic band, making them beneficial for toning and muscle development. Because the resistance on stretch bands can be varied by shortening or lengthening the band, users find it simple to increase or decrease the intensity, leading to a quality workout.


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