Do Muscle Stimulators Work?

We have all seen the commercials that claim muscle stimulators will help you lose weight and obtain those coveted “six-pack abs” without any exercise or effort. The manufacturers’ offer guarantees success and promises a brand new body within a short amount of time. However, do these actually work and deliver the promised results?

What Are Muscle Stimulators?

Discovered to have medical healing affects in the 1960’s, muscle stimulators have been in popular use since the 1970’s for various purposes, but most commonly used to treat patients in a medical setting. Primarily used for patients who require physical therapy, the stimulators can help to avoid muscle atrophy in those that have been paralyzed or injured and are immobilized. The electrical currents from the product stimulate the muscles causing minor contractions within them and help increase blood flow to the bodies’ extremities.

Do They Work?

Proven to work for medical purposes, muscle stimulators do work to relieve pain and other medical ailments, but have not shown any effect on weight loss or building muscles. While the use of the stimulators cause muscles to contract, the contractions are not enough to cause any change in physical appearance. The electrical current needed to cause enough contractions to affect the bodies muscle density would be too high to use without sustaining injury.

Should You Use Muscle Stimulators?

There is no medical or safety reason why you could not use muscles stimulators as part of your weight loss or body building efforts, as long as the product is FDA approved. Having said that, as they have not been shown to contribute to weight loss or any other body modifying aspects, do not count on it to improve your appearance or help in your weight loss. If you choose to purchase a muscle stimulator, incorporating a proper diet and exercise routine as well should give you the results you seek.


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