Do "Healing Foods" Actually Work?

Healing foods have been used for centuries and in many parts of the world to promote health. Foods that heal are used to maintain health, prevent disease and treat illnesses ranging from the mild to the severe.

Background of Healing Foods

Whether or not healing foods are effective depends on the severity of the condition and the accuracy of the approach. According to many healing traditions, disease does not exist in a body that has the proper balance of nutrients. Foods with healing properties help to create a balanced condition in the body. A balanced body makes for a healthy and properly functioning immune system that helps to fight disease and restore your health more quickly when issues do arise.

When you replace foods high in fat and sugar with specific fruits and vegetables with healing properties, you simultaneously avoid weight gain and achieve a higher level of health and energy. In his book, Healing with Whole Foods, Paul Pritchford explains that Far Eastern traditions have focused for millennia on eating well-balanced diets and have always seen it as an important part of health.

The Western world is slowly adopting a similar philosophy. Dr. Max Gerson, for example, developed a system to cure cancer using carrot and apples juice and a variety of juices made from vegetables. Through an intense system of replacing unhealthy foods with those low in sodium, sugar, fat and refined foods, the Gerson Therapy has cured advanced stages of cancers deemed incurable by Western medicine.

One Harvard study of 90,000 nurses across 16 years showed that 91 percent of the diabetes cases were caused by unhealthy diets. Type 2 diabetes is an example of a disease that can be curbed through food choices. Eliminating sugar and excessive carbs from the diet and replacing those foods with fruits and vegetables has been known to decrease the need for diabetes medicine.

Implications of Healing Foods

The prevailing belief among experts on healing foods is that it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each body is different with its own strengths and challenges. Your physical needs will be different from others around you. A diet that is perfect for you and gives you energy will not necessarily offer the same benefits to someone else in your family. It is important to tune into your personal energy level and health needs and eat foods that truly energize and heal you. If you find that a particular food gives you stomach problems or lowers your energy level, replace it with another food containing the same nutrients and then gauge how you feel.

Be sure to also provide variety in your diet. Some people find a few healing foods such as carrots, spinach and oranges and eat only those foods repeatedly. To maintain your health, you need a diet that consists of a great deal of variety. Think about ways that you can incorporate a large variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in your diet. This way you can be sure that you are not suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.


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