Do Acupressure Massage Beads Aid Weight Loss?

Can acupressure massage beads really aid weight loss? Yes, they can aid, but they cannot replace exercise, the main ingredient in any weight loss program. Of late, there has been an increase in the popularity of acupressure massage beads. More and more people in America are looking for alternative medicines as a complimentary addition to their western medicines, and weight loss techniques are not far behind. Acupressure massage beads have known to prompt weight loss in an unconventional way.


What Are Acupressure Massage Beads?

Acupressure beads are adhesive strips that can stick to a particular part of your ear, depending on the purpose of the treatment. An acupressure massage bead for weight loss is used behind the ear, targeting the Vagus nerve. All that you need to do to experience its benefits is to press the bead behind your ear for about 30-45 seconds whenever you feel the urge to eat.

How Does It Work?

The urge to eat is a result of signals sent by nerves in your body to the brain, informing it about depleted resources of nutrients and calories. It is this information processing in your brain that converts to hunger. The Acupressure massage bead effects weight loss by sending misleading messages about body resources to your brain. When the bead is pressed during an urge to eat, the reflex stimulation of the Vagus nerve sends a feeling of fullness to the brain, thereby lessening hunger. It eventually helps in resisting the urge to eat frequently, and there is intake of the right amount of fat in your body. This results in weight loss.


The danger lies in its inappropriate usage. There is a tendency to overdo it by a weight-loss over-enthusiastic. You must remember that using the pressure on beads every time one has the urge to eat can lead to a real issue of depleted nutrients in the body. This can result in serious health issues and can do more harm than benefit. The beads can also prove painful to some if not used correctly.

The acupressure massage beads have proved to be helpful in speeding up the process of weight loss, and there are many out there who are enjoying its benefits. Nevertheless, do not give up on your exercise regime quite yet. Losing weight the healthy way has long term benefits that no beads can match.


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