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DietWatch is an online weight-loss program that provides individuals with customized meal plans based on preference. This online website also includes support groups, workout plans, shopping list, journals and recipes. DietWatch offers several meal plans for dieters to select from.

The Premise

Unlike many other diets, DietWatch is based on the belief that well balanced meals that focus on portion control and calorie counting, combined with exercise, will help individuals lose weight. In addition to simply aiding in meal planning, DietWatch helps individuals set goals, plan their meals and shopping list, and meet online friends to promote consistency and dedication.

DietWatch provides individuals with one location to receive both nutritional and exercise advice. Furthermore, DietWatch believes that dieters can lose weight by tracking calories. The website includes a database of thousands of foods items to help ease calorie counting and food journaling.

The Diet

There are four main diet plans to choose from on DietWatch. These diet plans include the Balanced meal plan, the Low Cholesterol meal plan, the Vegetarian meal plan and the Reduced Carb meal plan. The Balanced meal plan provides dieters with a meal plan that includes a daily ratio of 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% protein. The Low Cholesterol meal plan is low in saturated fat to help individuals reduce the risk of heart disease. The Vegetarian meal plan features no animal meats but does include milk and eggs. The Reduced Carb meal plan includes a meal plan that includes a daily ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 30% protein.

DietWatch is a simple and effective way to lose weight. This website provides well-balanced and sensible meal plans combined with exercise routines. The easy to follow website makes it simple to track your progress. Additionally, the website provides a variety of options to help you customize your weight-loss plan specifically to your needs.

Possible Concerns

DietWatch comes with a price tag. This website charges a monthly rate of $11.96, which is actually cheaper than most of its competitors. Furthermore, to be successful on DietWatch, you will need to track your food intake and exercise. This may be time consuming for some individuals.

While DietWatch does provide numerous workout plans, it fails to provide individuals with customizable workout plans.

When you are counting calories on DietWatch, the website does not allow for you to track carbohydrates or proteins, which may be important for some dieters.


Recommended! DietWatch is based on the scientifically supported belief that weight loss is achieved by eating few calories per day than your body burns. This website takes the confusion out of dieting and helps streamline the process. DietWatch is not based on any fad diet notions and simply promotes healthy eating, exercise and portion control. All of these things are proven to help individuals lose weight, build lean muscle mass and be able to maintain weight loss for the long term.


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