Dietary Supplement: 5 FAQs Answered

If you have tried to lose weight, you have probably heard all about a dietary supplement, diet pills, weight loss programs, etc.  You probably also have had tons of questions regarding these products.  Here is a list of the most frequently asked and the answers you have been seeking. 

1. What is a dietary supplement?

A dietary supplement is simply something that is supplemented into your diet plan to help you to lose weight.  This can be a pill, a nutrition bar, a shake, or something else.  The point is that it complements your efforts to weight loss.

2. What should I take?

This question does not have a straight answer.  You really have to know what is best for you based on what you can commit to, what you are sensitive to, and what you like.  For instance, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you can rule out many of the herbal and over-the-counter products, as they contain a lot of caffeine.  If you know that snacking is a huge issue for you, then you probably want a product that claims to curb your appetite.

3. What is Hoodia?

That is a common question right now as this seems to be the current diet hype.  Hoodia is actually a succulent plant grown in the South African Desert area.  There are several types, but Hoodia Gordonii is the one that contains an element that has been shown to suppress the appetite. 

There have been no reported side effects to this product, but there has also been no long term studies done either, and it is not FDA approved.  Hoodia Gordonii should be looked for in pill form, and it should be the sole ingredient to be truly effective.

4. I’ve heard a lot about Trim Spa, is it safe?

Trim Spa is an over-the-counter product that claims to contain Hoodia Gordonii and be an incredible appetite suppressant.  However, it is not FDA approved and does contain other ingredients; be aware of this if you decide to take it. 

5. What is big deal about protein, should I be eating a lot of it?

Protein is actually a very important part of your diet, whether you are vegetarian or not.  Protein supplements can be a great way to ensure that you are getting the protein your body needs, and when used as part of a meal replacement program, it can assist you in losing weight. 

There are many protein products to choose from and some of the biggest ones are soy or whey protein shakes.  These are great and can help build muscle while curbing your appetite.  The key is to look for products that contain the isolate version of these proteins.  However, don’t overdo it, as an excess of protein can be harmful to your health.


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