Diet Support: Why Friends Can Help You Lose Weight

Good diet support consists of being equipped with the right information and emotional support. Dieting can be frustrating and stressful. Supportive friends can help you in your efforts to lose weight by listening when you’re frustrated, exercising with you on a regular basis, reviewing your food journal and encouraging you when they see positive changes.

A Good Listener and Your Diet Goals

There are times during dieting when temptation to go off your weight loss plan and eat forbidden foods is strong. This can especially be the case if you’re having a hard day or something specific is bothering you. Friends who are good listeners can be very helpful on these occasions. Find a friend or two who truly care and want to hear about what is bothering you. Sometimes the simple act of sharing your feelings with another person can make you feel better.

The Role of Encouraging Friends

Friends who are positive and encouraging can make a big difference when you are making lifestyle changes to lose weight. People who focus on the positive changes they’re seeing can add a new dimension to your weight loss program. They may see new developments that you aren’t able to recognize yourself. Maybe your clothes are fitting more loosely indicating that you are losing inches. Or it may be that you are eating less at mealtimes, something they notice and encourage you to continue. A little bit of positive reinforcement can sometimes make a world of difference in motivating you to continue with your weight loss program.

The Value of an Exercise Partner

One of the best ways that friends can provide healthy diet support is by exercising with you. Agreeing to meet several times per week at the gym or walking with you every evening can make a big difference. Exercising with a friend often takes away the boring or challenging aspects of a workout routine. You have someone to talk to, share your exercise struggles with and, often, it’s just plain fun. Just be sure to choose someone who keeps her commitments to exercise and is at a similar fitness level as you are.

Food Journal Exchange

Keeping a food journal is an effective way to stay on top of your weight loss progress. It keeps you accountable and reminds you to eat well-balanced meals. Friends can offer diet support through doing a regular check-in with you regarding your food journal. If they are trying to lose weight as well, you might agree to meet or talk several times per week to exchange food journal information.

Exchanging food journals is a great way to keep your friends involved in your progress. It is also a good strategy for staying on track with your diet regimen. If you go off your intended eating plan for too long, your food journal will reflect that. Your friends will know and they can help you to get back on track by listening, offering helpful advice and sharing their knowledge of nutrition and sound weight loss strategies.


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