Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program was invented by Isabel De Los Rios, a New Jersey based nutrition, exercise and life coach. The Diet Solution Program helps dieters develop life-long changes in the way they eat, to bring about long-term weight loss. 

The Premise

The Diet Solution uses the theory of metabolic typing to divide dieters into three categories. Dieters in each category are given three different diet plans. These plans are tailored to the metabolic needs of each group. Dieters can learn to keep weight off in the long term by following the plan that meets their needs.

The Diet

The Diet Solution Program asks dieters to begin by visualizing success. You’re to write down your goals for losing weight, staying healthy and living a fulfilling life. You must eat a diet that’s suited to your metabolic type. Your diet must also be low in calories but full of nutrient-rich foods. 

The Diet Solution Program will ask you a number of questions in order to determine your metabolic type. Some metabolic types are suited to a protein-based diet, while others will do better on a carbohydrate-based diet. Still others may need a diet based on both protein and carbohydrates. 

You’ll be asked to eliminate processed soy foods and hydrogenated fats from your diet. You’re allowed one glass of alcohol a week and two cups of coffee a day. You’ll be encouraged to eat fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts and boiled eggs as healthy snacks. The Diet Solution Program helps dieters examine their physical reactions to food and customized their diets with the help of a food journal. 

Recommended foods for this diet will change depending on your metabolic type. However, all dieters are encouraged to use an omega-3 supplement.

The Diet Solution Program includes an exercise regimen that places emphasis on cardiovascular and strength training.

What to Get Excited Over

You’re unlikely to feel hungry on this diet, since your meals will include a source of lean protein. Protein helps keep blood sugar levels stable to reduce hunger and food cravings. It also helps you build muscle mass.

The Diet Solution Program encourages the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, all of which can help to prevent chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. You’ll learn how to eat a healthy, nutritious diet and how to maintain that diet over the long term. Meal plans are easy to follow.

The Diet Solution also considers the psychological and emotional aspects of weight loss. The food journal can help you examine and cope with your feelings about food. It can also help you appreciate the feelings of well being that eating a healthy diet can bring.

Things to Consider

The Diet Solution Program may not be suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Some scientists believe that the concept of metabolic typing may be invalid.

The Verdict

The Diet Solution Program is an effective diet that can lead to long-term health and weight loss, even if its core premise isn’t scientifically proven yet.



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