Diet Solution Program: Recommended Food List

The diet solution program is easy to follow and gives you all the tools to get rid of fat. It utilizes a lot of raw foods. This program is different from the rest because it gives the necessary lists of groceries to purchase, the appropriate meal plans to follow, and diet solution recipes. With any weight loss program it is essential to eat more of or avoid certain foods for best results.

Diet solution recommended foods include organic poultry and meats, olive oil, raw chocolate, avocados, baked sweet potatoes, raw nuts/seeds, raw dairy products, fruit, vegetables, and organic eggs to name just a few. The diet solution recommends supplements such as omega-3 essential fatty acids that are contained in oily fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon. Here is a more detailed version of the recommended food list:

Organic Eggs 

Obviously, these eggs are more expensive than free range or caged hens eggs. The birds are fed organic produce and their general lifestyle is much better than some of the gruesome conditions that take place during industrial production. Check out for the soil association mark. This protects the welfare of animals. The shell may be pale, but the taste is recognizable to the palate.

Organic Meats 

The food from an organically fed animal is known to taste better than non-organic varieties. Animals are fed with a feed 95% organic, and have more freedom rights than industry slaughtered meats and poultry.

Wild Fish 

Fish caught in their natural environment will contain more nutrients and omega 3 essential fatty acids than farmed fish, which are available almost everywhere and often artificially colored.

Raw Nuts 

These contain very healthy fats needed by the body. Nuts also contain protein, and protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrate rich foods. Raw nuts are ideally spouted or best bought when the nut is still contained in its shell. Nuts contained at the grocery will not have the nutrient density of raw nuts. Cracking open nuts will also help you to eat less. Fat is essential to weight loss.

Natural Oils 

Steer clear of vegetable oils. Only use foods that are high in monosaturated oils like those contained in rapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, and flaxseed oils. Polyunsaturated oils contained in sunflower oils and spreads are healthy in moderation. For heart health, consume monosaturated oils.

Fruits and Vegetables

The body is under constant attack from bacteria that is not visible to the naked eye. The best way to strengthen the body from inside and improve mental health is to feed it with optimum nutrition contained in antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables. They contain natural sugars, which level the blood sugar in the body, unlike processed cane sugar that can cause Type II diabetes. A steady level of sugar in the blood gives energy and reduces fatigue.

Natural Grains

Beans, pulses, lentils. These contain good amounts of protein and carbohydrates. They also contain little fat and can be added to many dishes with herbs and spices to flavor.


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