Diet Smart Plan by Barry Sanders

Devised by renowned author Barry Sanders, the diet smart plan is one that advocates introducing small changes into a person’s diet that will eventually lead to larger and more beneficial health benefits over a period of time.

This is a calorie-counting type of eating plan that involves weighing yourself at regular intervals, but it has an alternative approach to weight loss in that it doesn’t focus too much on specific nutritional intake. It instead relies on the amount of calories consumed and how often.

The Diet

The plan has 3 main areas it asks dieters to follow. The first area concentrates on the frequency of meals. Barry suggests that dieters following his plan eat up to 6 times per day at regular intervals. This has long been known to help in weight loss by keeping the body’s metabolic rate high enough all day to burn calories efficiently. The digestive system is kept working continually as well, which means that when it comes to your next meal, you are not likely to overeat.  Little and often is the key here.

Calorie Limit

Keeping the rules as simple as possible, the second guideline of the diet smart plan gives the go-ahead to eat pretty much anything you like as long as you stay within your calorie limit for the day. This limit is calculated by multiplying your current body weight by 8, rising to 11 when you begin to approach your target weight. The theory behind this is that keeping the rules as simple as possible, more people will stick to the plan and achieve their weight loss goals.

Frequent Weigh-Ins

The third rule runs against the theory of a lot of other diets in that the diet smart plan actually encourages participants to weigh themselves every day to monitor their progress. It suggests that you should weigh yourself every morning and evening to track your losses and keep motivated in following the plan. 


With some suggested menu items, including cheeseburgers and popcorn, the diet smart plan has an obvious appeal to those who may find the usual drastic changes in food discouraging when considering a diet plan. The diet is simple to follow as well, so anyone can take part without having any real knowledge of diet and nutrition.


The diet is aimed at reducing the amount of calories that are consumed in a day, rather than the types of foods those calories are contained within. So it is possible to eat what might be seen as “unhealthy” foods and still be following the rules of the diet, as long as the number of calories is not exceeded. It may also be more difficult for people who need stricter boundaries in a diet to stick to this eating plan.


Although the diet smart diet does urge people to monitor the amount of calories they consume whilst taking part, there is some concern over the lack of structure to the plan.  The nutrition aspect is all but ignored in favor of the calories, which can be a recipe for disaster for some people.


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