Diet Smart Plan: 6 Great Snacks

The Diet Smart Plan is a low-calorie eating regimen that was devised by Barry Sanders, who believes that long-term weight loss means making gradual changes. This diet doesn’t eliminate any particular food or food groups, but instead encourages you to eat healthy by dividing food into categories. The category types will determine the quantity of food you can consume, and the five categories are: free foods, basic foods, single portion foods, modified foods and limited foods. Your daily calorie intake should remain below eight times your body weight until you reach your goal weight. It’s also recommended to eat five or six small meals a day to aid digestion and keep your metabolism fueled.

When choosing a snack on the Diet Smart Plan, it is crucial you know what category it falls into to avoid over-consumption. It is equally important that you know how many calories your snack delivers so you can count it towards your daily caloric intake. Here are some great snacks to enjoy while on this diet:

1. Vegetables

The great thing about vegetables is that they’re considered a free food on this diet, which means you can munch away without feeling guilty! Be sure you choose low-starch vegetables, shunning veggies like corn, peas and potatoes. While veggies are the most nutritious in their raw state, you can make a stir-fry with some fun spices to change things up. Also consider making a low-sodium vegetable soup to keep on hand.

2. Fruit

Fruit is considered a basic food on this diet, which means that you can eat it without guilt, but must pay close attention to your caloric intake. It is always nice to whip up a fresh food salad, or freeze some strawberries for a dessert-like feel. A baked apple with cinnamon is also a great snack, which creates the illusion of eating warm apple pie.

3. Yogurt

At 100 calories per container fat-free yogurt is always a good snack choice while on this diet. Go ahead and add some berries for more flavor and antioxidant value. Just be sure you know how many calories you’re adding to your yogurt.

4. String Cheese

A low-fat piece of string cheese clocks in at only 70 calories, making it a good snack choice for the Diet Smart plan.

5. 100 Calorie Packs

Nowadays, you can find 100-calorie packs of all your favorite snacks. These come in handy whether you’re craving something sweet or salty, as you can closely monitor your calorie consumption and guarantee you don’t overindulge.

6. Trail Mix Bar

A trail mix bar, at around 140 calories, is always a good snack to provide energy and get you over that mid-afternoon hump. Just make sure to note that this is a single portion food and counts as your daily dose of healthy fats.

Since you aren’t allotted too many calories on the Diet Smart Plan, you should aim to keep your snacks under 200 calories. Since no foods are off limits, choose foods that you enjoy to keep yourself satisfied and less likely to binge. However, also make sure to know the category and calorie count of everything you pop into your mouth.


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