Diet Ideas You May Not Have Heard

With diets like the Atkins Diet and the Zone Diet taking the spotlight, there are many other diet ideas out there that you may not have heard about. Some may be sound diet ideas, while others are merely fads that haven’t made it to the mainstream yet. Here is a look at some diet ideas you may not have heard of:

Cabbage Soup Diet

This is perhaps one of the more unsound diets. It requires that you eat nothing but cabbage soup for one week straight. The payoff is that you will lose 10 pounds, but eating cabbage soup only for one week is probably not the most nutritionally thought out way to lose weight. There are many other variations on this diet that include eating everything from only grapefruit to chicken soup. Though one most likely would lose weight on a diet like this, eating only one food does not make for a healthy sustainable weight loss and diet program.

No S Diet

This is a diet based on moderation. Using a mnemonic device, the No S Diet has three rules and one exception – No Snacks, No Sweets, No Seconds – Except (sometimes) on days that start with S. This simple diet plan cuts back on extra calories, which can be effective in decreasing your daily caloric intake. Though it would be better to also include eating a healthy diet, by cutting back on these extras, it would definitely be possible for most people to lose weight. And by not excluding any foods, this is a more sustainable diet and something that could be maintained for a long time with no repercussions.

The Shangri La Diet

This diet consists of consuming 100-400 calories of sugar water and/or flavorless edible oil daily. The sugar water and oil is drunk either an hour before or after your meals. Beyond that, you can eat whatever you want. The theory behind this is that the sugar water/oil regulates your body with a “set point,” and therefore your will feel less hungry. This diet may be helpful in losing weight, but only if you are healthy to start out with. It is definitely not recommended for someone suffering from diabetes, and is experimental (and not backed up by any substantial scientific evidence).

Cottage Cheese Diet

This is similar to the Cabbage Soup Diet in that there are multiple variations on it, ranging from a 3 Day Diet to a longer diet plan built around cottage cheese as the main component. As with any other diet that restricts food to one kind, this is not the healthiest way to lose weight. You will quickly tire of eating so much cottage cheese, and it is not possible to get all the necessary nutrients for your body by eating only cottage cheese.

There are tons of famous and not so famous diet ideas on the market. Most experts will agree, however, that eating a well-balanced diet filled with lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates is the best way to go. Before you begin any diet program, a fad or otherwise, talk to your doctor first to get their advice on whether or not the diet is healthy for your particular circumstances.



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