Who Am I?

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Hello fellow dieters!


Here’s a little bit about me:

I am a public speaker and a professional cake decorator. (www.cakeottawa.com)

I do not have any kids as I am only 22 years old.

I travel a lot and enjoy little things in life.


My dirty secret? I am a HUGE video gamer which would allow you to classify me as a geek or nerd although I don’t like labels.


Finally: I love broccoli and I hate cauliflower.


So I started my diet on July 20, 2009 and I lost 8 pounds in a month. Then I had to take a little break since I was going away for couple weeks and because of health issues.

I did not put any weight on and I restarted my diet on Sept 29, 2009.


I am currently on the Sonoma diet, the best diet out there. I won’t explain what it is exactly but I trust if you are interested, you will ask me questions. I am also and regular poster on the forums on recipes and meal plan for everyday of my diet which I hope helps people to plan their day.


I will try to post progress here and there 🙂


Started at 240, I am currently at 229! My target is 180-200. Why such a big target?  I am a big girl, I am 6 feet tall and I used to be 200 and I was happy with myself. Anything after that is a challenge. Anything before is a MUST have.


My milestones:

230: Achieved on Oct 5, 2009

220: By Oct 31

210: By Nov 30

200: By Jan 5 2010, If I reach this goal, I can have an extra flower on my tattoo. This is one of my main goal, anything after that is a challenge but I will be happy with myself at that weight.



190: By Feb 28, 2010

180: By March 31, 2010