Awful Truth About Temptation – Part 2

Posted zoesmom on January 16th, 2013 | Filed under life

Today, I have regained my lost ground and I “clocked in” at 264.3.  There you have it.  One day of temptation, that wasn’t even all that bad all things considered, and it took me from Saturday until today to get back down…that is FOUR days.  Goes to show you what one bad day can do if you are not careful.  Had I not slipped up Saturday, I’d be two pounds lighter by now.  When that is put into perpective, it really makes me mad at myself…and makes me more determined.  How do I ever expect to lose weight and reach goal if I am continuing to back paddle? 

So…here is my new goal…resist temptation.  Start keeping healthy snacks on me at all times.  And if a certain mother of mine insists on my weakness again, get down right firm with her that I am NOT ready for that amount of temptation.

I WILL be thin again.  I WILL be healthy again.  And I WILL do it within the next two years.  I promise you that.

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