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I am back and in it for the running!

I noticed that the last time I made a post, it was right before I ended up in the hospital.  I greatly apologize for my long hiatus.  My daughter shared with me strep B, which normally isn’t all that dangerous.  Unless you are asthmatic and me.  I ended up with streptococcus pneumoniae, which translates into uber deadly for yours truly.  A long battle in the hospital and a long recovery time.  Just recently, my doctor approved me to start dieting again.  My health, while not superb, has reached a point he feels I will be okay.  So here I am, attempting this one more time.

I’ve been back on the plan for 10 days now.  Here’s the good news….I never gained weight when I was off plan.  Here’s the better news, I have lost 8 since being back on plan, bringing my total weight lost to 26 pounds.  And I have even had some mess up days…like Thursdays are always hard.  We have ballet for our three year old and ALWAYS end up eating at Cheddar’s afterwards (that place is DIVINE!)  I am careful about not ordering fried anything and only chicken or fish, but sometimes, those monte criscos look to die for!  I usually only eat half of the meal and bring the rest home for later (although I tend not to eat it later.)  I then skip dessert.  It usually nets me a wash, never gain or lose on those days.  Then there was the pizza night last Saturday when I was too busy to cook.  I had two small pieces and that was that…skipped dessert and dreaded the scale…only to find I still lost one pound.

So…there you have it.  Expect weekly post from me, or even more frequent depending on my mood.

(and the caramel pecan bars are DELISH!!!! Nom Nom Nom Nom….)

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