Simple Math

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Many times, people ask me how fast I am losing.  When I tell them 60 pounds, they think either it took me three years or three months.  But not really.  I started my journey nearly a year ago, on July 17th, 2012.  But it was halted prematurely when I fell gravely ill on August 13th.  I had lost something like 15 pounds, give or take in that brief time, but I cannot count it…I was unable to return to dieting until January of this year and I was on steroids most of last year, making me gain most of my lost weight back.  So, where as my offical start date is July 17, 2012, I count January 1, 2013 as my “real” date as I am unhindered by health issues and circumstances outside of my control. 

But for giggles, I’ll calculate both.

If we go by my 2012 date, I’ve been dieting for 51 weeks.  At 60 pounds lost total, you can say I am losing 1.18 pounds a week.

If we go by my 2013 date, I’ve been dieting for 27 weeks.  At 60 pounds lost total, you can say I am losing 2.22 pounds a week. 

I’ll let you choose which one you want to go with.  Me personally?  I am going with the 2013 date given the fact I had to start all over due to health issues.  Either way though, I am losing steadily and I am losing nicely.  I am still using WS products, although I have tweaked my plan a wee bit to help accomidate my exercise.  I’ll probably be on WS for at least another 4 months.  I plan to start weaning myself off slowly and start counting calories.  WS has helped me overcome my food addiction.  Now if I can just wean myself off this fabulous tool…afterall, who wants to be on prepackaged foods forever 🙂

I love WS…but I am ready for my next chapter in weight loss…and I WILL see 199 by the end of this year…you had better believe it! 😀

Yet another long over due update

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I know, I know.  I am horrible at this!  LOL!  I just wanted to post this here, because, it needs to be here.  I will update more frequently.  I need to.  I am officially at the point that I need a journal, so get ready to see a lot more of me!!!

A little over a year ago, I couldn’t walk more than two feet without passing out due to severe lung issues brought on by a cocktail of wonderful diseases and an eventual diagnosis of ARDS complicated with severe asthma. I was on an O2 tank (which is collecting dust in the corner now…AHAHAHAHAHAH!!) and was told to file for disability at the ripe “old” age of 29. I was told, in not so many words, that I would not really have any quality of life. And don’t even get me started on those DAMNED stairs leading up to my apartment!!!!

And today, I went a grand total of 3 miles in 30 minutes. I ran 20 minutes of it. AND I RAN UP MY STAIRS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, WITHOUT A RACING HEART!!!

I still have asthma attacks. I still have emergency trips to the ER. I still have to check my O2 levels multiple times a day. But I am healthier, stronger, and more powerful today than I was last year…and far exceeding that of what doctors thought I would be able to do.

When someone tells you that you can’t, do it anyways. When someone tells you it is hopeless, keep hoping. When someone tells you it is over, prove them wrong.

I did these things. And I am not yet done. I. Am. Awesome.

And so are you )


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I’ve come a long way from when my journey first started 10 months ago. Granted, many of those months where miserable, not so much on a dieting stand point, but because I wasn’t able to diet for so many of them due to a serious health issue that nearly took my life (I won’t rehash the story again, lord knows you can probably find it a million times over somewhere on this forum.) During that time, I did a mental check up and had no choice but to own up to my failures and acknowledge that the way I was living wasn’t truly living. It wasn’t until January this year that I could actually physically invest in my health. Today, I finally hit my 50 pounds lost mark. And my journey has still just begun.

I had to realize, in the start especailly, that I had a food addiction. The mental blow that was to me was devistating. Here I am, very OCD and in control over everything…and food was controlling me. I found that I would watch the clock for when I could eat again, even though I wasn’t hungry. I would eat junk, not because it tasted good, but because I felt I had to eat it, eat it or die. I felt that if the food was served, out in front of me, I couldn’t save it or I would just be putting it in the trash later. I had to learn that it was quite the opposite. Whereas there in the begining, when I went out to eat, I would push myself to eat every bite. Now, I alwasy take half home, and I rarely finish what is on my plate. I had to teach myself that. I had to teach myself to have control over food, instead of allowing food to control me. I no longer eat just because there is food around me. I eat because I am hungry.

And my journey has still jsut begun.

Just this morning I was thinking on my way into work, how I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Thinking that my numbers should show significant improvement. How my doctor is going to make mention that she is proud of me. How I am going to get a deep sense of satisfaction from this appointment, more so than I do when I see my other doctor (which is twice a month.) On how, I was looking forward to the visit, something I used to dread. And then it hit me…I am not accountable to those doctors. Sure, I like hearing their praise. I love it in fact. But, I am not accountable to them.

Then, my thoughts progressed…I keep saying that I am losing weight for my daughter’s sake, so she won’t find me nearly dead again. And I am. But she isn’t the primary reason, like I thought she was. She doesn’t hold me accountable for my weight loss. She doesn’t push the food in my mouth, nor does she push the plate away from me. For that matter, no one does. I do. Everyone gives me praise, everyone supports me, everyone cheers me on, but no one can make me accountable. No one but me. I am accountable to me, no one else.

Wow. I just had a major break through. I realized, I am in control. Of food. Of me. Of my weight loss journey. I have no one to blame, I have no one to thank, I have no one I have to be honest with, except for me. Today, I realized that I may still have 100+ pounds to go to be healthy physically, but I am ready mentally. I am there. I used to dread the thought of lose skin. Now, I want it. I don’t care about it anymore. I am in control. Skin be damned. My health matters so much more than a little bit of floppy skin.

Today, I became empowered. Today, I became free. Today, I became accountable to only me. And that is an absolutely amazing feeling.

Long Over Due Update

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Even though I am sure no one really looks at my blog, I decided I needed to post something.

First, since the start of my journey, I have lost 47 pounds.  Now, considering I started in July of 2012, that isn’t all that amazing….but considering I had to take a 5 month break one month into the plan due to medical problems, it actually kinda rocks.  All in all, my active dieting has netted me a 2.14 pound loss each week…obviously some weeks I don’t move and some weeks I move more than others.  Granted, if you want to nit-pick, since my start date and ignore the five months I was unable to diet, I sill am netting over a pound a week at 1.09 lost.  Anyways…yes…the program works.

Recently, I added in exercise.  I’ll be honest, it has slowed me down dramatically.  Still trying to figure out the way my body adjust all those calories and how much extra I need and all that jazz.  I think I may be working out too hard, which is sad, because I have gotten to enjoy what I am doing.  Over the next few weeks, I am going to see what I can do to up my weight loss without dramatically altering my exercise routine.  I may just need to cut back oh how hard or how many times a week or something like that. 

but…feeling great, loving life, and stoked that I have moved from a 3/4x to a 1x.  Yes, this program works.  🙂

Moving On Down

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Today, I woke up to weigh myself.  I didn’t sleep all that great last night, tossing and turning and all.  My week hadn’t been all that great either, what with eating out three days, one of which I gorged myself on pizza.  I hadn’t really seen any movement on the scale for a week or more, so getting on the scale was not something I was looking forward to.  Excpet, something amazing happened.  I was 259.6.  I had to step on the scale four times to make sure I was seeing that right.  259.6.  I am now in the 250’s.  I haven’t been in the 250 range since pregnancy.  My god, that was almsot four years ago, or just about right at.  259.6!!  WOW! 

Needless to say, I am beyond words right now.  This is proof that if I can do it, anyone can.  Not much further until my next mini goal.  Less than 9 more pounds…just…wow!

To aid my weight loss journey, I picked up the 30DS yesterday.  L1D1 has kicked my butt, especailly my arms.  It feels like they are going to fall off today.  But its all good.  Just one more step forward to a better, healthier me.  Moving on Down to Onederland one pound at a time! 🙂

Random Rant

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This week has been about at productive as trying to pour a 20 inch block of ice into 8 ounce of sweet tea.  Not really the greatest.

I suspect it is because I allowed myself to back paddle so much over the weekend and I keep going…”oh!  REAL food!” So I have more than just dabbled with sabotage this week.  This too shall pass.

Actually, I have a had lot setting me back.  This week I acquired my super duper top of the line CPAP machine that is suppose to ease my hyponea.  Except it really isn’t.  I wake up feeling worse.  I have had too many asthma attacks.  And I feel like I am coming down with something.  I have noticed, when I am sick, I go days without eating, only to gorge the second I start feeling better.

That means I haven’t lost anything.  It also means I haven’t gained.  I guess I’ll take it.

Tonight is Cheddar’s with my mom.  I guess I can order the fish and pray for a weekend recovery.  Only time shall tell…

Awful Truth About Temptation – Part 2

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Today, I have regained my lost ground and I “clocked in” at 264.3.  There you have it.  One day of temptation, that wasn’t even all that bad all things considered, and it took me from Saturday until today to get back down…that is FOUR days.  Goes to show you what one bad day can do if you are not careful.  Had I not slipped up Saturday, I’d be two pounds lighter by now.  When that is put into perpective, it really makes me mad at myself…and makes me more determined.  How do I ever expect to lose weight and reach goal if I am continuing to back paddle? 

So…here is my new goal…resist temptation.  Start keeping healthy snacks on me at all times.  And if a certain mother of mine insists on my weakness again, get down right firm with her that I am NOT ready for that amount of temptation.

I WILL be thin again.  I WILL be healthy again.  And I WILL do it within the next two years.  I promise you that.

Awful Truth About Temptation

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This past weekend, my husband attempted to try WS with me.  He realized rather quickly, he isn’t as ready to diet as he thought.  Whereas his mind was in the right place, his heart just wasn’t.  He agreed the food, while not great, wasn’t bad.  He admitted he would likely try again.  His problem however, is the problem many dieters are faced with on a day to day basis.

No matter how ready you are for a diet, you have no idea of jsut how ready you are until you attempt.  If you think day 1-3 is tough, make it to week 4 and rethink your stance.  If those first few days are insanely hard, chances are, you won’t make it.  Because it only gets harder.  Especailly when you have to opt out of that amazing piece of double chocolate cake or realize that a double whooper can only sound good but you had better not taste it.  My husband had that blunt reality thrown at him the day he started. 

I wasn’t home.  I had gone out to a baby shower (where my own temptations stood.) His sister came over and convinced him to go out to eat.  In his defense, he did call me to get my opinion of what was okay to eat and what wasn’t.  And he ordered precisely that.  But he couldn’t eat only half like what was recommended.  He gorged himself.  He realized immediately he has the same problem as I…he is addicted to food.  That makes temptation that much harder to get around. 

When you go, “oh, just one more bite, it can’t hurt anything” you can easily add up 500 calories or more a day.  When it take a decrease of 3500 calories a week to lose one pound, well…it adds up.  I have had several weeks to learn how to push those bites away.  My husband hasn’t been faced with that before and realized, he just isn’t ready.  He tried to correct the problem by skipping the rest of his day’s worth of WS.  I strongly advised against that…he realized why later that night when his blood sugar dropped very, VERY low.  He isn’t ready.  Simple as that.

My temptation was different.  I went to a babyshower and of course, it was finger foods.  I’d much rather it be a meal.  With a meal, I can easily monitor how much I eat and how much to push back.  Finger foods tend to be high in fat and calories and just three little cocktail sausages can add a whooping 250 calories.  When you are used to 4 ounces of chicken only adding 150 calories, you tend to forget yourself.  I got lucky though, my three year old helped me out and my cocktail sausage consumption was less than one.  I would not have survived if she wasn’t stealing from me.  Turning down the cake was easy as well…cake.  When you bake cakes as a hobby, and turn out pretty awesome ones at that, you tend to not crave cake, and when you do, it sure isn’t a grocery store one that tastes like sugary cardboard.

No…my temptation was later that day.  For the first time since dieting, I went to a Mexican restaurant.  I love Mexican.  Oh…dear.  It wasn’t like I had much choice.  My mother was buying and insisted that is what we were having.  I looked at that menu…tried so hard to order healthy…and ended up ordering pure fat and calorie galore.  If everyone in your life is not as 100% commited as you, temptation follows everywhere.  Thankfully, my head was speaking louder than my gut and I ended up taking 3/4 of the meal home…and in the privacy of my home, with mom not around, silently said a prayer as I buried the remainders of my temptation of the day in the trash.  The next day, I netted a two pound gain.  Today, I have reclaimed my mini goal of being at 265.  But lesson learned, even when you think you are over the worst part, temptation has a funny way of proving you wrong.  At least I had control, or things could have been worse, a lot worse.


Second Mini Goal Hit!

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Way back in July I had set up a series of mini goals to help me reach my goal weight of 150.  My first mini goal was to shed those pesky 15 pounds that keep coming back time after time after time.  I hit that way back when.  My second goal, ultimately was less, but a huge milestone for me…to hit 265…to weigh the same as I did when I gave birth.  And today, lo and behold, I am 264!  I weigh what I did 3 1/2 years ago!  Less in fact!  I can barely contain my excitement!

Last night, my husband approached me with some surprising news.  He wants to join me on my Wonderslim journey.  I officially have a partner in this!  And I have two friends who also surprised me by expressing their interest in joining as well.  So far, 2013 is shaping up to be a great year (pun intended)!!  I can’t wait to see what happens later down the road.  Until then, toodles…and good luck to you all!


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I am back and in it for the running!

I noticed that the last time I made a post, it was right before I ended up in the hospital.  I greatly apologize for my long hiatus.  My daughter shared with me strep B, which normally isn’t all that dangerous.  Unless you are asthmatic and me.  I ended up with streptococcus pneumoniae, which translates into uber deadly for yours truly.  A long battle in the hospital and a long recovery time.  Just recently, my doctor approved me to start dieting again.  My health, while not superb, has reached a point he feels I will be okay.  So here I am, attempting this one more time.

I’ve been back on the plan for 10 days now.  Here’s the good news….I never gained weight when I was off plan.  Here’s the better news, I have lost 8 since being back on plan, bringing my total weight lost to 26 pounds.  And I have even had some mess up days…like Thursdays are always hard.  We have ballet for our three year old and ALWAYS end up eating at Cheddar’s afterwards (that place is DIVINE!)  I am careful about not ordering fried anything and only chicken or fish, but sometimes, those monte criscos look to die for!  I usually only eat half of the meal and bring the rest home for later (although I tend not to eat it later.)  I then skip dessert.  It usually nets me a wash, never gain or lose on those days.  Then there was the pizza night last Saturday when I was too busy to cook.  I had two small pieces and that was that…skipped dessert and dreaded the scale…only to find I still lost one pound.

So…there you have it.  Expect weekly post from me, or even more frequent depending on my mood.

(and the caramel pecan bars are DELISH!!!! Nom Nom Nom Nom….)