Well, the primal blueprint eating plan hasn’t been going so well. Not because of lack of will or self-control, but because I have NO groceries!! All the good stuff ( and good for you stuff) is eaten up right away and leaves just the crap I need to stay away from. Unfortunately, circumstances prevent me from being able to get groceries when needed or often enough. (a lot of us, I think, are in this predicament right now). Plus there is the threat that I may lose my job come April. The Board here has changed and is planning to shut our department down. It is just a matter of when. We are afraid it will be April when the annual review comes up and raises are supposed to happen. I try to stay positive though.

Still stuck between 164 and 168. Have been since about aug-sept. I am thinking all the stess of work, lack of funds, and dealing with my mom’s death are BIG contributing factors. Regardless of diet and exercise, there is no budge! I have been checking out some Primal recipes and some are pretty doable even with a lack of groceries.

ya,.. okay..

Well, the primal way of eating hasn’t worked out so far. I had full intentions of starting it today but we had burgers last night for dinner and I just couldn’t resist having a left over one for lunch and “cough, cough” even for breakfast. I know, I know, I could have IGNORED the bun but, come on…. the burgers were SO good. LOL. So tonight is the night. I will do it. I will start!

woo hoo!!!

“My fitness coach”! I got the very last copy in the whole city I think. I looked EVERYWHERE! Finally got the only store I could find that had any to hold it for me. When I got there, I found out it had been the last copy. Gave it a try yesterday and let just say, I walk today like one of those girls whose jeans are so tight they can’t bend their legs!  LOL. Very cool workout and I burned as many calories in one hour doing the workout as I do running on my treadmill.

I have decided that I am going to give the ‘Primal Blueprint’ eating plan from Mark’s Daily Apple a try. I have always known that carbs are a problem for me and weight gain. Plus eating more vegs and fruits (the good carbs), and more protein, helps with my weight loss and I feel better all around. So starting tomorrow I am giving it a go.


Feeling much better. Hubby took me to the Keg for dinner tonight as we would never get in tomorrow. Man I love a good steak. I think I feel better enough to get back to my workouts. It has been a while and I sure miss them. I am still looking for the wii game ‘ My fitness coach’. Can’t find it anywhere. One more store to check tomorrow that says they have it in stock on their website. So fingers crossed….



Today I am sick…woke up in the middle of the night on saturday with vomiting and diahrea. Still sick but no more vomiting. No diahrea either but that’s easy when one isn’t eating because of vomiting…LOL. I sure hope I feel better soon. I really want to get back into my running.

Has anyone tried the “my fitness coach” for wii?  Is it any good?  Fun?  I was thinking of getting it but wouldn’t you know, surprise, surprise, all of a sudden every store is sold out. Every time I decide to get some game, the whole word decides to get it at the same time.!!!!  Geesh!

More crappy news. My hermit crab Chester died. For no apparent reason. He was fine, alert, active and then wham, gone in one afternoon. He was fine in the morning. So I don’t get it. My girls think I should get another one but, I don’t know. I really liked my Chester. Anyways, better get back to bed. Just not feeling well…

Coming back…

Wow, it  has been an awfully long time since I have been here. Fall was a very busy time and working lots of extra days. My running fell to the wayside and as a result, I have been stalled in my weight loss. Thankfully I only gained (and lost and gained and lost) 5 lbs during this time. And, sadly, my mother passed away 2 weeks before christmas.  She was only 60 and had a stroke. No one informed me until she had 2 more and was put on a ventillator. I was there when she passed but never really got to say goodbye as my family couldn’t be bothered to tell me when she had her first stroke. I could have made it to see her and say goodbye…….I believe her stroke was a result of her diabetes and obesity and have renewed my determination to get healthy and lose this weight. My stress, ( the family couldn’t be bothered to make sure I knew on time but they had no problem in sticking it to me by making me take care of the funeral and estate. No help given! Good luck.) and my depression over my mom have not helped but I am working at it. So here I am again, where I was making some good friends, and getting lots of support. Hopefully I can start to heal and get myself back.


Was back on my treadmill today after abandoning it in june fot the outdoors. Believe me, I had no intensions of letting ANYONE in my town see me out there running. But treadmill fatigue meant 1) give up on my running or, 2) take it outside. #2 won. There was some initial shock on the faces of those I know when they first encountered me on the road. Some days I felt pissed off like “havent you ever seen someone run before?” and other days I felt smug like “at least I’m doing something about my health! Maybe you should start thinking about it. HA!” All in all, my fav coworkers were surprised and amazed and have ALL started to do little things to make changes in theirs.


OUCH!! Did I ever underestimate calories daily. Just with my eggs, piece of toast and coffee, my breaky was a whopping 628 cals. Why? The stinking margarine!!!! 202 cals worth of margarine!!! SKIP it, SKIP it, SKIP it! Geesh. emoticon Weight gain here I come. LOL

wind blows!

Went for a rollerblade tonight for 45 mins and wow! was it ever tough with a wind blowing about 60 miles an hour! And I am absolutely certain that it was out to make my workout tough by changing direction each time I did. LOL.

I think I may have figured out why I am not losing any weight. For the months I lost weight, I was working out until I burned at least 500 calories. For the last 2 months, I have only been burning about 300 cals. It’s not that I am working less hard, I am just fitter and lighter so it is harder to burn those cals. So I am going to have to find the time to add in more exercise to burn 500 of more and see if that helps.


I just don’t understand why I am having so much trouble fitting in some exercise lately? I never had that problem before and now there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to fit it in. Very frustrating as my weight has gone up another pound inspite of my careful eating. Maybe this week since I don’t work again until friday, I can get my focus back and get myself reorganized, find the time for my workouts. I sure feel like crap without them now.

Just going to have some soup for dinner since I way ever did it at lunch today and plus it’s super cold here outside. Perfect soup day.

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