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Wooooot! Weighted in on Tuesday at 4.5lb lost over thanksgiving week! Also was the same week I drank for the first time in 3 months! I love weight watchers!

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Last week I gained .5lbs but I know why. I wasn’t eating enough food and it had the reverse effect on me, on top of not going to the gym. This week, the day after Thanksgiving I was DOWN a pound from Thanksgiving morning. Awesome 🙂

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I’ll take it honestly. Today was crappy out. Judy wasn’t at the meeting, nor was her sub. A woman who I give props too who seemed nervous and had to deal with a tough crowd was the leader of our Weight Watchers meeting tonight. I wish I was more outgoing to help her along. The meeting cut 15 minutes early just due to the lackluster crowd. The meeting leader is huge to the success of weight watchers. It really is.

I weighed in at 286 and Tonya complemented me on steady losses! A small brightness in my day but overall I had a cloud over my head like that depression medication commercial. Not that I’m depressed, but thats how my day was today. Silly hormones 🙁

I want to be 275 by the end of November. Holiday’s generally at least in this point in my life are unimportant overall. When we went on the cruise last year I was either 269 or 289, I cannot remember at all. I’m past 289. If I can get to 269 I know for SURE I’m under my cruise weight which will feel amazing. If I can beat 240, I’ll be on my way back to my college entry weight. If I can get to under 200 pounds, or ONEderland as I’ve been seeing it called, I will be ecstatic and I will love myself more then I have in a long time.

Watching Biggest Loser is a huge motivation as well. Not that I’m going to run out and kill myself like those poor people on the show but it keeps the gym in my head. I really want to see if we can manage netflix to watch the back seasons of it.

Still feel kind of craptastic, but I’m thankful I didn’t gain a pound and ended up losing 1. I put my weigh in clothes on before we left for the meeting and the scale had gone up 1 pound from what I was wearing prior. I was so worried it would reflect badly, but apparently it didn’t. Happy I made it. I know throughout this whole thing its going to be HARD work and effort.

I’m learning to cook things that I can live with the rest of my life. That is the reason Weight Watchers works. Accountability and lifestyle change. You go to the meetings, you respond to the results, positive, negative, no change. And they support you and motivate you to stick to it even if you do screw up one week. They have so many recipes and they don’t DEPRIVE you of foods. It teaches you portion control and how to make smart choices. There ARE low-fat/non-fat foods that are FINE to put into your diet. There are some that taste HORRID. I got fat-free sour cream from Kraft and HATED it. Instead now I get 2% sour cream from Daisy and it tastes fine. It’s not the full fat, but its just enough to make it fine to eat. Land O’lakes LIGHT butter is a SAVIOR. It tastes just as good, its not made from plastic like margarine (exaggeration, sorry). Skim milk is NOT that horrible for most things. I love whole milk but I’m managing life without it. I can still have whole milk, but I need to make room for it if I’m going to drink it – and it really can’t be a staple in my diet. I can have a bite of cheesecake or a chocolate candy. I just can’t have the whole bag or the entire slice a restaurant serves. It’s portion control and its calorie counting.

When I was in high school I lost 60 pounds due to my health teacher. She told me 4000 calories equals a pound. If I cut 4000 calories from my diet, I will lose a pound. I crash dieted for 9 months. Worked harder during gym class. One of my best memories was when we were warming up for gym class and we’d do a jog around the track for 10 minutes. I really started trying during this diet. I used to light jog, which basically means walking while picking my feet up a little more then usual. I could rarely if ever keep up with my leaner friends and I usually just stayed with the walkers or people who did as little as possible. One day I was keeping up, and I actually passed some of the thinner kids in my class who were jogging at a legitimate pace. Not fast, but a good pace at least. And I passed them. My 240 starting weight butt passed kids who probably thought I couldn’t do it. Back then I had compliments from my teachers, from distant friends. One decent friend, not someone I hung out with much but someone who talked to me semi-frequently, was standing at her locker. She looked over me and said, You’ve lost weight haven’t you? – You look great! It was completely unprovoked and I gleamed for a week over the compliment. I had gotten down to a size 16 and could start wearing clothes from JCP. I had only ever known 20+ sizes or XL.

I’d like to blame college for my weight re-gain, but really it was me. I let myself go. I got into an emotionally abusive relationship where I kind of gave up. I had drama with roomates in college and I probably ate my sorrows away. I’d get a greek salad every day of the week when they were available. Get buffalo chicken pizza at the open-late place on campus frequently. Had full fat cafe mocha’s as often as I could, not to mention the school I went to had won awards for how good their food was. It was a compilation of factors that caused me to gain over 100 pounds. And frankly it sucks. I want to be in shape again. I want to wear tight fitting clothes and not have my thighs touch again. It sucks being fat and the health issues are only beginning. I’ve developed acid reflux and have a family history of diabetes. And frankly I don’t want either of them.

My last straw was when I started having trouble going to be, as well as waking up. I’d wake up with headaches or gasping for air, be winded just getting out of bed. I’m not insanely overweight. I’m in rough shape, but I don’t want it to go any further ever. I got comfortable. And I need to get uncomfortable to succeed. I’m fortunate enough to have a man who cares about me and family and friends who believe in me. I KNOW I can get back under 200 pounds. Food is not my problem. Portions are. I can eat ANYTHING. I can eat salads, I can eat pitas, I can eat almost any fruit/vegetables. It’s portion control and emotional eating. If I can master that and control that – I can do anything.

If you bite it, write it. SERIOUSLY. Best way ever to lose weight. If you write it down, that piece of food you ate is OWNED by you. After you start doing it.. you learn the calories of something, you learn the points. You learn to avoid soups with high sodium or pre-made meals with high sodium. Watch the Doctors. Read blogs. Find wonderful recipe websites that provide low calorie foods. Honestly Weight Watchers IS a glorified calorie counting system. If you can’t afford it, count calories. Obviously WW has looked a little more into the nutrition value of what you eat above just calories, but you WILL lose weight from just cutting calories. I KNOW. But please consider your calorie budget to lose. Don’t deprive yourself of food. In high school I was snacking on pickles, high sodium pickles. I’d eat half a slice of cheese and save the other half for later. I’d do one slice of bread sandwiches. With all the calorie information on food packets now, it must be so much easier to control.

Ok, honestly I think I just needed to ramble. I’m already feeling better. I know more about my body and what I’m putting into it and what I expect out of it then I did back then. And I think this is a lifestyle change I can live with whereas my calorie counting crash in high school was effective but ultimately is NOT a way of life. I could not maintain the <1500 calorie diet I was on. I attempted to stay at 1200 calories, with a roof of 1500. If I went over that I was depressed. And calories alone doesn’t mean quality. Always keep that in mind. Go for whole grains, protein, vegetables and fruits. If you eat 1500 calories of ice cream you aren’t doing yourself a favor. Eat smart, and workout. Best thing you can do.


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This week has been a crappy week. I did make it to the gym 4 times but it still seems the scale hasn’t really moved. I’m bloated from Flo™ this week and I’m wondering if thats hurting it. I’ve also been mildly slipping from program as far as portion size goes. Before I wasn’t going back for seconds but with low point value in mind I end up going hmm.. I have points for that! I also bought some Skinny Cow ice cream products over this last week and am wondering if that might be contributing. I have 45 points now and I’ve been  having trouble filling them up lately. I also haven’t slept well and melatonin’s effectiveness is waining on me. Just a lot of factors against me this week and I really don’t want to see a + value no matter how small! Maintain this week and I’ll take it please!

Hormones and an overall depressing day today. At least the weather is fitting to my sentiments of the day right? Tornado watch is about to hit our area just as I have to leave for the meeting – awesome.

Wish me luck =(

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Warm oatmeal – add rinsed frozen berries – enjoy, YUM!

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One reason I love WW is because of the meetings. It’s a little steep but it seriously makes me think to myself every time I eat – what should the outcome of this week be? Will I gain a pound? How will I feel if I disappoint myself in front of my Weight Watchers leader, etc. Not really positive thinking but it produces a positive reaction. If I were left to my own accord I honestly probably would’ve fallen off the train by now.

I saw my shadow today when we were out and it didn’t look as blobby as the last time I remember it. I was so happy about it. Still a long ways to go but I’m actually starting to LIKE my reflection.

Should be down around 27 pounds or more tomorrow since my last doctor’s visit. Last week put me down to 289 and I’m aiming for 287 this week. Scale at home is already showing it but I always see a difference in the home scale vs the WW scale. I was down 26 pounds last week so heres hoping for the best tomorrow. As far as Weight Watchers goes I’m down 16 pounds, 30 pounds will be my 10% goal. Sorry if the numbers confuse too much!

Doctor’s Weigh In: 315.0
First WW Meeting: 305.5
Last week WW Meeting: 289.0

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Only lost 1 pound this week but I’ll take it. Glad imnot really a festive person so the holidays REALLY don’t phase me. My WW leader is going on a sebatacle til January – going to miss her! Chris is falling off the writing down part of the diet and I feel depresses. Not sure because of him or something related. Need to hit the gym hard the rest of the week.

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Tuesday I reached my 5% goal which was 15lbs! I felt so great. When I got there the receptionist helped me figure out how much I had to lose this week to hit it, 3.25, I was so excited after I weighed that I ran over and told her and was so proud!

Weight Watchers + Gym = WIN!

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Yesterday was an off day. I didn’t go over my points by much but I didn’t feel like I ate alot either which means my meals were a bit large. Took the last two days off from the gym as well but we’ll probably go on friday and saturday to compensate. I am getting better at my food choices and honestly I’m not missing any of the really bad stuff. Whole grain things for the things I was stuck on before like rice and pasta makes my life happy. Low-fat/non-fat dairy to fill the void of cheeses and whatnot. Fruit and veggies to my hearts content! Weight Watchers so far has helped me drop 12 pounds in a month. My last doctors visit had me at 315 pounds and now I’m at 293. Doing very well overall.

Also – I found I LOVE pomegranates :D.

I have a goal but not sure how to start it – I want to start menu planning. I’ve been meaning to for months now but everytime I get started I can’t come up with things to make. I think I need to just list out things that I love to make and find healthy versions of it. I saw a turkey sloppy joe recipe the other day that looks great.

I’ve also found this new show on OWN called Supersize vs Superskinny. Watched a few episodes so far. It’s kind of amazing the extremes and how being too fat and too skinny can cause health problems. Poor blue team on Biggest Loser too by the way! Of all the weeks for Bonnie to get immunity! I feel for her but part of me wonders why she was allowed to do the show due to the nature of her surgery. Chris’s mother has had a double knee surgery as well around the same age and knowing the background of the surgery and the precautions associated with it we’re both kind of floored that they expected her to do well. The trainers push so hard and there are just limits with those kind of artificial limbs. Also a ‘life expectancy’ of sorts on them. Either way, I feel bad for the blue team and am honestly liking the Black team more and more as the red team (my age range) continues to fall behind every week.

I wonder if there are boxed sets of the older seasons of biggest loser. I wish I had caught this show when Jillian was a trainer!

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My time at the gym this last week has paid off! Finally down 3 pounds in a week! Makes my WW total 11.75 pounds so far 😀

Time to watch Biggest Loser!

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