one moms weight journey


So its April and I have a plan! I figured something has to give while I work out 4-5 days a week my weight still goes UP and down…..My issue is not working out that’s fairly easy! Its FOOD. Well I am a good 20 pounds less than I use to be, I am still obese and must focus if I ever want to be in a healthy range.

I basically wrote a very specific plan for April to stick to and hope to do this the entire month, then see what happens weight wise! Its not overly strict, but I never get a free day, but nothing is really off limits either… if it fits in my  calorie range I can eat it…however I am trying to focus on drinking my water, increasing veggie, using fruits more than junk food for sweet treats. If I want to eat out or have a treat I need to have the calories, and I can eat less one day to eat out, but in the end the calories must equal the same every week. After April I will probably adjust the plan, but for now just want to see where it goes if I stick with this all of April. I made a 3mos goal as to where I would like to be weight wise, which is 160 give or take by July 1st.

I am 183 as of Monday April 1 so thats 23 pounds….NOW I don’t want to get stuck on these goals because even if I reach it (which would be a yayyy) OR don’t reach it I still want to just do as I say and that’s a success to be eating better consistently, working out, and just being healthier….THAT will make me feel better all around, so I am trying to really limit weighing myself, but not so much I don’t realize if I am gaining. But I am going 11 days from April 1st before I weigh…I just really want the first two weeks to be about focus and not viewing those numbers as success and failure.

So far its going well. I do have bout of feeling hungry and havent faced any real temptations yet. My water intake has been so good too over 8 glasses a day! I have been planning my work meals so making work days a bit healthier too!

new, flustered, depressed

I use to start out with blogs/journals writing my weight loss story but I dont have the energy to write it over & over as it feels I am inevitably fat for now. Well long story short…. I am about to be 35. I have 3 kids ages 5, 8, & 9. I typically before kids weighed no more than 120 on occasion scale came close to 130 and that would freak me out! Well today I am 184:( my heaviest was 208 and 190-200 is what I started at when I seriously began losing. So 184 is a loss but my goal is 130 so a good 50pounds and it seems so far far away.

Typically I will do well a few weeks make progress and just stop and eat whatever then gain most of what I lost. I feel like a yo yo. I have not lost hope though! I do feel drained from trying different things and feel like nothing will work. I do workout to jillian micheals 4-5 days a week….my issue however is food and eating.