Just another day

Day 6:

I am happy to report I am staying On Plan!!  YAY!  It really hasn’t been much of a struggle.  I have done this so many times before and I know this way of eating works for me.  I just have to plan ahead.  I have to make sure I have healthy options available at home.  I have to make sure I pack my lunch at night because I know I never have time in the morning.  I have to have some fairly quick easy “go to” breakfast food…again that time/morning issue.

I told Cheryl (my best friend/sister by choice) today of my plans to have Weight Loss Surgery.  She was very supportive, she even said she might look into it.  Which really surprised me because she has a bigger fear of doctors/hospitals than I do.  but she was just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  Having her support means a lot to me.

Just about everyone I talked to about WLS has been supportive.  Kevin was the first one I brought it up to.  He was all for it.  Although, I think he sees it as an easy fix.  But he has no idea what it is like to lose weight.  He is planning on coming with to the informational meeting on Thursday night.  He is even going to take off early from work to go.  That is a big step for him. My daughter was happy I choose to do this and is very supportive!  She said my hubby would have to buy a couple more guns cuz I would be one of those hotties with a little waist and big boobs and have all kinds of guys chasing me.  My son didn’t say much one way or another.  Which is a good sign.  My mother still has not come around to the idea yet.  Hopefully she will.

After I spoke with insurance the other day I started looking at Blue Distinction Centers in Minnesota that perform bariatric surgery.  So unless my clinic/doctor has another plan of action I tink I know where I will go for my surgery.  I just need to do a bit more research.


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