When Life Gives You Lemons…Make (Sugar-Free) Lemonade

Ok this has nothing to do with Sugar-Free Lemonade.  And I really didn’t have such a lemon of a day. BUT…I did make the best of an unexpected screw-up.

I KNOW that I MUST plan ahead in order to stay On Plan.  Last night, I packed my lunch for today because I know I never allow myself enough time in the morning to get ready, make breakfast, eat breakfast and pack a lunch.  As the saying goes, Failing to plan, is planning to fail. So I had a plan! 

Breakfast was a fresh nectarine, Greek yogurt a slice of toast with Canadian bacon and iced tea.  Approx 365 calories.  On plan!

Lunch: last night I packed a salad with diced ham and lots of veggies and sliced some strawberries. About 275 calories a little low, but I can justify having a cocktail after work and a baked potato with supper.

Now on Friday’s we have “Grill Day”.  The employee fund purchases meat buns and chips.  One or two people bring something to pass.  Not a full blown pot luck, but close.  I am armed and ready!  I have my salad, I have my berries! I go to the break room take my salad (which I packed in an old cool whip bowl) out.  I open the lid and…


I mistakenly packed a tub of cool whip….wait get the full picture here. A MOLDY tub of Cool Whip. Neither on plan, not appealing.  And I AM HUNGRY!! 

Now rather than saying, “To hell with it”.  I thought, hamburger patty approximately 300 calories, bun approximately 100 calories.  It works.  Not one of you Top 10 healthy diet meals, but it will work.  I saved my strawberries for my afternoon break.  I have been reading up on requirements following WLS (weight loss surgery) and some the things I must learn to do is take smaller bites, slow down and chew food to the consistency of applesauce. So I focused on those three things.  I made that burger last 15 minutes.  Not the half hour that will be recommended post-op but better than they 2.5 minutes I would have normally taken to gobble it down.

I will do this.  I will stay on plan and I will take it one day, one challange at a time.

Time for lemonade!

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