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Banishing Diet-Brain and the week ahead.

Little recap of my weekend:  Last night my good friend came into town and we wanted to celebrate by going to get Indian Food, about which I am passionate.  We got directions from Mapquest, having faith even though Mapquest has lied to me before (Damn you, Mapquest).  However, we totally underestimated my ability to get lost going ANYWHERE.  Seriously, it’s a talent.  Cut to us driving around for an hour, at which point I hadn’t eaten in 6 hours and was starving.  Finally we gave up hope on Indian Food and got dinner at Famous Dave’s.  I ate entirely too much food.  It was delicious, but I literally stuffed myself to the point of feeling uncomfortable.  Not my proudest moment.  When I got home I felt the familiar feelings of guilt and panic set in, until I forced my mind to quiet and step back.  At which point, the two parts of my brain I shall call “Diet Brain” and “Rational Brain” had this conversation:

Diet Brain – “My God, I am the worst person ever.”

Rational Brain – “No, it was just an unexpected situation.  You’ll do better tomorrow.”

Diet Brain – “Yes! Tomorrow I won’t eat hardly anything to make up for today!”

Rational Brain – “No!  You’ll eat normally and healthy tomorrow and then you won’t want to eat like tonight again.”

Diet Brain – “Oh, what’s the point.  I should just give up.  What do I know about moderation?  I should just resolve myself to a life of plain salmon and brocolli and be grateful for it.  I don’t deserve food.”

Rational Brain – “As the Greeks say, ‘Everything in Moderation, including Moderation.’ You’re only human and allowed mistakes.  Learn from it, put it behind you, and move on.”

Gluttany Brain – “Let’s go for ice cream!”

Rational Brain – “Shut up, you.”

Or something along those lines.  In any case, I have decided to listen to my Rational Brain and learn from the situation, and as we speak there is a box of Fiberplus Bars in my car to keep me from making the same mistake again.  I am also determined not to beat myself up over it.  I am not on a Diet – therefore Diet Brain has no control over me or my life, and I prefer it that way.

Looking ahead, my week is a little busy and stressful.  On Thursday I am breaking from the regularly scheduled programming to go auditon in New York for a Very Uppity Vocal Summer Program.  This involves driving 8 hours on Thursday, being in the city Friday and Saturday, and coming back Sunday.  As I don’t know if I’ll be able exercise when I’m gone, I’ve decided to do the 5 Day Inferno Plan that’s part of Turbo Fire, starting today and ending Thursday.  As of today Naked Me weighs 185lbs, and I’ll post how much I lost, if any, at the end of the 5 days.

I also have to admit that I’m a little apprehensive about setting my new no-diet mindset loose on Manhattan, with all it’s glorious food sandbags.  Any tips about being healthy in the Big Apple? (If anyone suggests those places where they serve you wheatgrass in shotglasses and call it a meal, I will punch you through the computer screen.)  This will be a tough week, but think that I can make it through on track.

Go Team!