Day 3: Down 2.2 lbs even with my T.O.M. (rated 7/10)

BEFORE PIC’s – Yep, I’m glad I’m doing this protocol!

(click photos to enlarge AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

Today’s Stats:

178 lbs

44.1% body fat

40.8% water

Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast – IP Vanilla Shake

Lunch – 8 oz chicken (+ sea salt + pepper + cajun seasoning + Frank’s Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce) + 2 c lettuce + 1 c pickles

Dinner – IP Chicken Noodle Soup Mix (+ sea salt + pepper + garlic powder) + 1/2 c broccoli + 1/2 c celery

Snack – IP Crispy Cereal + IP Cookies ‘N’ Cream Bar + 9 oz Powerade Zero (mixed berry) + 1 Crystal Lite (strawberry energy)

+ Over twelve 8 oz cups of H20 (Thats over 96 oz of water)

No exercise – Since I’m still within the first 4 weeks of protocol

Took my prescription meds + IP Multi-Vitamin + IP Calcium-Magnesium Supplement

Today went okay! I did feel generally fatigued which comes with the territory of transitioning into ketosis. Today gets a 7 out of 10 for a couple of reasons:

My Thorns – After pictures, don’t often take half naked pictures of myself, but when I do :/. Also not a fan of the IP Crispy Cereal, it was VERY sweet, like Sweet N Low sweet. If you decide on this one DON’T add Splenda/Stevia. It tasted a lot like Kashi Cereal that had been infused with some serious sucrose so if that’s your thing go for it.

As I said, fatigued for a good part of the day (maybe 80%), tired, body aches/soreness, and a little hungry at the very end of the day – probably because I finally stopped eating before 9 pm. I’ve heard these symptoms of entering ketosis called the “induction flu” and yeaahh, I’d say that nearly qualifies.

And last, but not least, hiccups! Off and on for a good HICCUP! amount of the day (maybe 20%) which is a lot to be HICCUP! ing. HICCUP!

My Roses – Ketosis transition symptoms mean I’m almost in ketosis! YAY! Also, I cut up and wrapped my already buffalo cooked chicken in lettuce and drizzled with even more Frank’s Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce! SO good that I’m still trying to decide if I like this or Wing’s And More better.

Day 2: Piece of Protein Cake (rated 8/10)

Today’s Stats:

180 lbs

44.6% body fat

40.4% water

Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast – IP Pineapple and Banana Drink Mix

Lunch – 8 oz Chicken (+ sea salt + pepper + onion powder + garlic powder + steak seasoning + extra virgin olive oil) + 1/2 c pickles + 1 c broccoli (+ Walden Farms Asian dressing)

Dinner – IP Chicken Noodle Soup Mix + 1 c pickles + 1/2 c celery

Snacks – IP Strawberry Waffers + IP Butterscotch Pudding + 1 c pickles + Crystal Lite (Raspberry)

+ Twelve 8 oz Cups of H20 (Thats 96 oz of water)

No exercise – Since I’m still within the first 4 weeks of protocol

Took my prescription meds + IP Multi-Vitamin + IP Calcium-Magnesium Supplement

Today went well! No big issues, no hunger even. I’m rating this day an 8 out of 10 for a couple of reasons:

My Thorns – Suddenly it’s that time of the month! Gotta love bein’ a lady ;/ sooo might hold on to some water weight come tomorrow morning’s home weigh in.

Next issues is with the Pineapple & Banana Drink Mix. It was pungent and not in a good way. You could try diluting it, but I didn’t, because I imagine that only thing worse than having to drink this whole thing is diluting it and then having to drink it x10.

Also, at around 10 pm my head started to hurt, then within 30 minutes my neck is hurting and I’m struggling to keep my head up. Similar feeling when I was on the 500 calories a day HCG diet (dumb, I know!). I knew I wasn’t dehydrated because, well, I had 96 oz of water + all the IP liquids + veggies. Sooo I pulled out my handy dandy IP folder (thanks doc!) and I quote “Dieters may experience headaches during the first few days on the protocol, especially those who are insulin-resistant or typically had high-carb diets in the past.” Lightbulb! Let’s just say I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t both of these things (Carbs are like my crack!) hence the headaches. So the remedy – “usually a 1/3 of a teaspoonful of sea-salt in 8 ozs of water will alleviate a headache within 15 minutes. I don’t know if this worked – I didn’t try it, because it was close to bedtime and I wanted to remember how it felt to transition to ketosis so that I wouldn’t have to do it again in the diet (i.e. no cheating, relapsing, carb inhaling, etc.).

My Rosebuds – I felt fine during the day, whew! This ketosis thing might not be too bad & according to the World Wide Web, only 2 more days until I’m done with the transition into ketosis. At which time I don’t have to think about any of the daunting symptoms that go along with it (so long as I stay in ketosis).
Also, my chicken was the bomb! Google “Ideal Protein Perfect Chicken” for recipe. Who says I can’t cook?!
And finally, the Strawberry Waffers were A-MAZING. I know what I’m ordering when I go see my coach. Love that I can have a sweet tooth on this diet.

Day 1: No. going. back. now. (rated 9/10)

Starting Weight: 180.2 lbs

Writing Day 1 on Day 2 (April 6th)! Holding in my perfectionist right about now 😉

Survived my first day (thrived really!) on the Ideal Protein Protocol! Yes, “protocol,” because to admit I was going through the big “d” and I don’t mean Dallas (…diet…) is too scary!

A little background – I have a number of issues that make losing weight especially unpleasant – PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Carb Love, Fast Foodaholism, etc, etc. You get the point! My weights increased by A LOT in the past 3 years and the excess weight has started to take its toll on my health in a big way. Twenty three years old and up against pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome and so on so I decided that this has to be (as advertised) my last diet, because it certainly is not my first! Far from it.

Sooo back to the IP Protocol & Day 1. Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast – IP Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Lunch – IP Chicken Noodle Soup Mix (+ sea salt) + 1 c Broccoli + 1 c Dill Pickles + Crystal Lite (Rasberry Ice)

Dinner – 4 eggs, 2 egg whites (+ sea salt + pepper) + 1 c Broccoli + 1 c Dill Pickles

Snack – Crystal Lite (Strawberry Energy) + IP Butterscotch Pudding + IP Chocolate Drink Mix (+ 1 Splenda)

+ Ten 8 oz Cups of H20 (yep, thats 80 oz of water, 2/3 of a gallon and LOTS of trips to the Ladies Room)

No exercise – can’t start a program for the first 4 weeks if you haven’t already been on one since metabolism is adjusting to change in diet so I had a good excuse 😀

Took my prescription meds (one of which is a diuretic – again more trips to the restroom) + IP Multi-Vitamin + IP Calcium-Magnesium Supplement (I’m not taking IP Potassium-Calcium Supplement, because interaction with my RX’s)

So overall, I feel like this was a very successful first day!

My Thorns – I hate vegetables; I don’t like to cook (hence the eggs); I didn’t have to exercise; the first week of the protocol you are allowed 4 IP packets instead of 3, but ONLY as needed & well, I needed it, but not like I need Ryan Gosling, more like I needed Anderson Cooper.

My Rosebuds – I love dill pickles (hormones, ladies. Am I right?); I love chocolate & peanut butter; the IP foods are pretty dang good, I was pleasantly surprised!; I have a new appreciate for Crystal Lite – yum; I didn’t go to bed hungry :D!!

Overall, this day gets a 9 out of 10! Only reason it’s not a 10 out of 10 is because they suggest not eating after 8 PM & being the night owl that I am (especially on a Friday night, hello!) I stopped eating at oh, midnight. This of course has more to do with me than the protocol.

Keep checkin’ in as I shake my way to skinny! My coach will weigh me in every 2 weeks, but I’ll be posting stats daily starting tomorrow.