Wedding Diet Woes (and Wahoos!)

Welcome to my trials and triumphs!


Burn 1200 Cals in a Day!?

I decided to take off yesterday. I believe that was a good idea. Today H2B bossed me into doing something I felt too tired to do.

Last night I got some really crappy news. I am in this class called Music Appreciation. The instructor asked us to write a post about which of these three operas we liked. I wrote that I didn’t care for any of them. Then I explained what was lacking that would have made me enjoy them. The instructor took offense in me not liking the operas, like I was personally slighting him, and gave me zero points on the assignment. He made some real illogical comparisons. I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I felt sick. The email kept playing over and over in my head. I kept thinking about how I could respond. It was bad.

So H2B says to me, we are going to ride down to Stone Mountain, walk up to the top, and walk down. I so wanted to be like, let’s just hang out in bed, but I didn’t. I forced myself to go.

The ride there was beautiful. There is something magical about riding a motorcycle: the wind in your face, the feel of power between your legs as you guide it through curves, the feeling of freedom…

Then we get to Stone Mountain, switch out our motorcycle boots for tennis shoes, and start our trek. 1.1 miles, 40 minutes, and and elevation of 786 ft, we made it to the top. Holy freaking crap that was tough. I weigh 280 (ish) pounds. That is quite the workout to carry my own weight up that stone. We got some more water, so powerade, and popcorn of course, and waited for our bodies to give us the OK to head down.

It took us 38 minutes to walk down, too! My legs were so shaky and wobbly. I was surprised I kept upright the entire time. Noom says I burned about 1200 calories. I better see that on the scale tomorrow for weigh in!

I have been slacking keeping track of my food consumption this weekend as… well… I usually suck during the weekend. I ate pizza yesterday. Candy bar. A fish sandwich Friday. A sundae. Pie. Ice cream. Eggs Benedict. With American fries. Cheeseburger on a huge bun. The only good thing I do practically without fail is drink plenty of water. Everyday.

I am so exhausted I could fall asleep sitting up, but I figured it’s been a few days since I checked in. Didn’t want you guys to think my heart just stopped or something. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

We can do this!

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snuggles1968 Says:

Hi there, wanted to encourage you in your weightloss journey. After reading some of your entries, I noticed you sound like you may be an emotional eater and trying to “fill” a void using food. It might help if you look at “why” you gravitate towards high carb/high fat foods and I think you might find it’s an emotion your feeding and not “hunger”. And thanks for what you said about the grief over my dog. I really appreciate what you said. I am trying to work through the grief so I too am not trying to fill a void with food.

watchingweight4wedding Says:

Hey Snuggles,
Absolutely. I have it in other posts about my emotional eating. Especially the ones with my mom’s cancer. I have no power over it currently. Even with it, I am still losing.

kisskiss Says:

congrat’s on climbing that hill, especially since you forced yourself to go! That’s determination 🙂
your instructor sounds like a little a-hole, excuse my language. I mean, I don’t see why he would take offense, especially if you gave actual reasons as to why you disliked the operas and what could have made them better. You were being honest.

snuggles1968 Says:

Do you have LoseIt at all? It’s a “tracking” application that helps with weightloss. It’s been vital for me to see where my weaknesses in food are and tracks calories eaten/burned. If you already have it, feel free to look me up! My name is Janice Myers and you can find me that way. It is also a great source for support in the weightloss journey. 😀 Hope to see you there!

watchingweight4wedding Says:

Hey Snuggles,
Do you have a blog here? Your name doesn’t link it… I am sure I have been there, but it’s nice to put the comments to a “face.”

didibuttonsley Says:

That instructor is a douche bag. Why take it personally if you do not care for operas? I would send an email back explain how it is immature of a teacher to feel slighted over a student’s response and give them a zero grade because of it. Did that person expect you to lie about liking something when you did not?
Please try myfitnesspal. I think you’ll really like it. There is an app for smart phones too that is really useful if you have one.
Also, maybe for now don’t focus on tracking calories. Write down EVERYTHING that you eat in a notebook, but don’t focus so much on the calories. Just writing it down will help shift your awareness. Seriously. It’s crazy how much of a difference it makes. You will start noticing patterns, and all kinds of things about your eating, and it WILL begin to shift and get better.

Read some Geneen Roth books. Do it! They will help.

Awesome job on climbing up that big damn hill, girl.

watchingweight4wedding Says:

Thanks, didibuttonsley!
I wrote all responses on your blog for your ease.
Also, if you want to be able to click your name to go back to your blog, check out the comments to this post:
Jazz walks you through doing that. That way you don’t have to post your link.

didibuttonsley Says:

Hey, thanks for the tip. I just switched it, so hopefully it works.


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