Wedding Diet Woes (and Wahoos!)

Welcome to my trials and triumphs!


I am NOT Even Hungry

I am just eating. And making poor choices. I am so tired. And stressed out.

Sometimes life just feels too hard. And a couple four tacos and a small large strawberry sundae will make everything all right kill you slowly until you die.

I walked over 4 miles today. Besides the 4 I did at home, I parked super far away from my fav taco place death dealer. And then walked to Walmart where I did NOT buy peanut butter M&Ms or caramel Cadbury eggs. Or chips. I bought spinach cuz I ran out and I am digging these smoothies for breakfast. They net the same carbs, have more cals, but I am actually eating fruits and vegetables. You can’t beat that with a stick!

Well, you can, but I use a blender. Ha!

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By watchingweight4wedding
On March 7, 2013
At 10:26 pm
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tryingbeauty Says:

Your freakin hilarious!!

Im feeling the same this week…but the only thing we can do is get back on the saddle and continue….thats all. 🙂

Keep on going and dont give up.

Jazz Says:

Comical girl! 🙂 I’m NOT still laughing!


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