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Can Someone Help Me?

I was playing around with the layout of my blog and I deleted the “Updated 3fc” blog roll or whatever and I cannot seem to get it back. I posted the question on the forum and I guess no one seems to know the answer over there. Anyone here know?

Also, how come some names are links, and some aren’t? When I see my name (when I comment) on another blog, it doesn’t link back to me.

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By watchingweight4wedding
On March 6, 2013
At 1:59 pm
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Jazz Says:

I don’t know either but you can ad a link to the 3fc Diet Blogs list of blogs,which are shown in updated order, so it is the same difference. Go to Site Admin and select the “Manage” Tab. Under LINKS there is Manage Links with “add new”…select that and under name you can type in what you want such as “3FC Diet Blogs” and then paste the link to that page…here’s the link if you want:

Save this and you should have this in your sidebar.

To link your blog to your name as you see in others comments you simply go to USERS and then select YOUR PROFILE next scroll down to where you see CONTACT INFO and in the “WEBSITE” space you past a link to your blogs homepage.

Tah dahhhh! all done! I sure hope this helps as I can be crappy with directions! 🙂

watchingweight4wedding Says:

I still can’t get it to show up… boooo, but I found my name! So thanks!


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