Wedding Diet Woes (and Wahoos!)

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No Offense, Buttttt…

OK, I have to admit, before this week, I thought that fat people made this “medical” condition up until it happened to me.

Last Sunday I was excited to go to bed because I had been down all week and Monday is weigh-in day. I got up Monday morning, hopped on the scale, and to me incredible mortification, I was up!! And not just 2 or 3 pounds. Oh no. I was up SEVEN POUNDS.

How the F*CK does that happen. I wanted to crawl back into bed and die. Even if I ate everything in my whole house, there is no way I could have put on 7 pounds overnight. I got on the internet and started frantically searching for answers. Well, my dear friends, fat people can put on 5-10 pounds overnight in WATER.

Oh really? That’s crazy, how does that happen? I guess it can be caused by dramatic salt intake, AND your body hoarding water if you increase your exercise and slack on water intake. You can help relieve water retention naturally by… dun dun duuhhhnnnn… drinking more water.

So, water retention is real. I am sorry to all those people I internally scoffed at when they would tell me they were retaining water. Tuesday morning I was still up 7 pounds. Wednesday, it was gone. And by today, I was down those two pounds I should have been down last week.  Whew.

Current weight: 282 pounds

Current weight lost: 18 pounds

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