Wedding Diet Woes (and Wahoos!)

Welcome to my trials and triumphs!


Who said Girl Scout Cookies?

Ok, I got a handle on things this morning and only ate 4 cookies (that is two servings for those of you who don’t know) instead of the whole box. I ate a whole box a few days ago. And a few days before that I ate a half a box. Freaking ridiculous. Before I escaped my bedroom this morning and found said cookies innocently laying on my laptop, I weighed in at my lowest since I started this journey. But today… the cookies for breakfast set the bar.

Next I ate a cheesy pile of scrambled eggs on a piece of sourdough toast. Soooo delicious. I didn’t have any thoughts like, “hey, maybe we could lower the caloric intake by say… no cheese? Or how about less butter?” Nope. None of that happened. So thennnnn for lunch I had 3 steak tacos and I did succeed in altering them a bit by taking one of the two tortillas off, with refried beans and rice. I freaking love authentic Mexican tacos. Dinner: an easy 600 calorie piece of pizza… The crust was amazing. Then I ate an. Entire. Box. Of. Crunch N Munch. I don’t even know how it happened. It was here, then it was gone! That shit’s got crack in it or some shit.

I did walk 3.7 miles today. Thank God. And going against the orders of the boss (the fiance), I took a couple running steps during it. He says I need to lose more weight before I put that much tax on my body, and he is right, but it feels sooooo good. Can you imagine a 300 pound woman running? Well I am not 300 anymore, but I am not that far from it! We will see what the scale says tomorrow morning at official weigh in day.

My mom gets chemo tomorrow. I am hoping it will magically help alleviate some of her bone pain. It gets so bad she pukes. It really sucks being so far away. But you know what, it may be for the best. I have a tendency to take care of others over my own needs and that gets me in trouble.

Anyone have any suggestions to help my skin start springing back into place? Tightening cream? Surgery? lol, just kidding on that last one. Not going to happen. If I don’t have the money for some magic pill, or WW, or IP, I definitely don’t how money for surgery.

So seriously, let me know if you found something to help your skin shrink back. Thanks!

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