Wedding Diet Woes (and Wahoos!)

Welcome to my trials and triumphs!


The day after

I posted last night about my huge screw up. It got me motivated so after I clicked publish, I walked another 3.6 miles yesterday. That was a total of 7.2 miles yesterday. It felt fine. My foot didn’t hurt. I didn’t wake up sore or exhausted today. But ¬†got on the scale… Yesterday I put 2 pounds of garbage on. In one day. I am STILL shaking my head at myself. Not only have I been stuck at 287 for 3 weeks because of the emotional eating I have been doing since finding out my mom’s cancer is back, but now I am back up to 289. Yay.

I have access to the gym in my apartment complex everyday as long as the office is open. When it is not open, you can buy a key card to get it. Then you can go until 10 pm every night. Even Sundays when the office isn’t open at all. It is a pretty good deal. I think I am going to buy it today. I feel like I have to do something else to get my body jump started again on losing weight. Weight machines seem like a good idea.

I have walked everyday for 28 days. That is 28 days IN A ROW. The majority have been 3.6 miles (2 loops), only 6 days has it been under and probably 6 or more have been over 3.6, including my 7.2 yesterday.

Somethings I have noticed this last week: 1) I have not sat on my couch for an hour trying to get motivated. It seems that some time in this last week I have just gotten up and done it. 2) I have been sleeping like a rock and it feels good. 3) The negative self-talk I carried on with myself about how I was “too tired to be doing this” has¬†dissipated.

So, YAY!

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losingstreak Says:

like your writing.
i’m getting married myself and having a hard time not breaking into a food frenzy everyday again and again. I just looove food!!!


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