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So, I had the brilliant idea to go check out the Maintainers section. These are folks who lost the weight and kept it off. Three posts really clicked for me. They are quite old now, I wonder if the authors are still maintaining. (sad note: the last quote is from “Justwant2Bhealthy” aka Rosebud who passed away from cancer a year and a half after the quoted post.)


There do seem to be a couple of general “rules” that help us stay within maintenance.

I think most of us have either a set number or a “maintenance range” weight (usually a fluctuation of about 5 lbs.)

Most people post that they weigh themselves on a regular schedule (how often depends again on the individual).

They also have a “red line” weight. Once they get near or go over the red line they switch into diet mode until they are in their maintenance range again. (Mudpie 1/23/2009)


Think about maintaining right now. Right NOW. This process isn’t over when we reach goal. You’ll find that most of us maintainers, if not all, do the same exact thing to maintain our loss as we did to lose the weight, the careful monitoring and tracking of calories, the “clean” eating, planning ahead, frequent exercise, frequent scale watching, etc. Some of us up our calories by a few hundred a day, others, like myself, keep their calories the same and adds in a splurge meal every now and then. You will have to discover what works best for you.

Remember, this is no “diet” that you’re on. No going back to the old ways. The minute that you go back to those old ways, the minute, maybe sooner, that you gain back the weight. There is no way around that. (rockinrobin 1/24/2009)


*GOOD TIPS* ~ be very careful about allowing 1-2 cookies here; or a piece of pie there; or some chips here; and some ice cream there. That can be the beginning of a slippery slope right back into obesity …

1) FACE FACTS: You CANNOT go back to overeating unhealthy foods in unlimited amounts, if you don’t want to undo all your hard work, and gain the weight back — it’s just that plain & simple!!!

2) SELF-MONITOR: if you see your weight is slipping back up; do not allow it to go up more than 5 lbs. Immediately take a look at what you have been eating, and tweak your meals again until that 5 lbs is back off …

3) DON’T LIE TO YOURSELF ~ when you see a gain, get to work on it right away; that very same day!

4) CLEAN HOUSE, AGAIN ~ if you have allowed junk back into the house; get rid of it!

5) LIMIT EATING OUT ~ unless you consistently choose healthier options, limit eating out to once a week or month.

6) FIND HEALTHIER OPTIONS ~ i.e. have baked tators instead of french fries cooked in fat. Choose oven-baked chicken or deli BBQ spit chicken instead of fried. Or have the KFC chicken but only with a salad and NO FRIES! And have that only a few times a year (no more than once a month).

7) ONCE A MONTH RULE ~ keep the “Once A Month rule” and you should not gain any weight back. This means you cannot have and high-calorie meal, dessert, or snack more than once a month for maintenance. I believe my doctor was right on about this idea. Why — becuz one time a month will be a wash over that amount of time: it’s all about “The law of averages” rule. Averaged over a month, one off plan meal, dessert, or snack should not affect your weight. (Justwant2Bhealthy 2/28/2012)

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