(at least that’s what I tell myself…)

I’ve been working on inspiration to keep on losing and to get up and move more. Lots of great encouragement from the 3Fc forums as always. And then i had the brilliant idea to go back and see what I said back when I had lost that hundred pounds the first time… And I’m going to save them here to reread periodically…

  • Ratios? Ratios? I’m just happy to have a waist again. I mean a waist that is smaller than my bust or hips (I guess it always was but it sure didn’t feel like it). At 53 I sure don’t expect to have the form I had in my 20’s, I don’t have the hair or the knees (boy do I not have the knees) or the arrogance of my 20’s either. But I’m wiser and kinder and happier. And I’m working hard on the healthier. I’ll take all those over any ratio any time. (1/3/11)
  • I always think of Moody’s motto (from Harry Potter) – Constant Vigilance!
    But don’t beat yourself up about one afternoon’s mistakes – learn from them and move forward. Beating yourself up doesn’t burn enough calories to make it a worthwhile thing to do! (3/6/11)
  • Accept and own, and I mean really own, that stuff like that [unhealthy food choices] is out of your life forever. It isn’t out of your life till you get down to 110 pounds and then you can celebrate and go back to your bad old ways. Because you can’t. You’ll just pack on the pounds again and they’ll bring their friends and the next time you want to lose weight there will be more to lose and your metabolism will be even more resistant to losing it. So this change is for good and for real and forever. (2/5/11)
  • I think the thing I will tell myself when I reach goal is to not slack off just because I am finally at a healthy BMI. I’m not done, I will never be done. I will keep the healthy eating habits I’ve been working on this past year, learn new ones, and never ever ever give up on myself! (2/20/11)

February 16th, 2017 at 7:17 am

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