(at least that’s what I tell myself…)

I haven’t been checking in here on a regular basis and I should. I just get so behind on everything and it’s a struggle just to get enough sleep to get through the next work night.

And the last two weeks were hard exercise wise since most of my work outs are walks in the woods with my dogs and it’s been deer season.

But deer season is over and we’re back in the woods!

I’m thinking walking to Mordor to motivate myself to get out more.

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During my “walk to Rivendell” I used a Fitbit to track my mileage and it definitely helped motivate me to get out and walk more. But I hate wearing things on my wrists plus once the weather got warm I really really hated the sweaty plastic band. So the Fitbit came off.

But I am the sort of person motivated by tracker type things. I kinda wish I was motivated more by just being healthy and less by metric trickery but no… it’s the little silly goals that do it for me.

So I was psyched to hear about a new fitness tracker that is a ring. It was still in the development stages but I signed up for it. And now I’ve had it a few weeks.

I like it. It’s just a plain band and not annoying. Or ugly.

And it motivates me. It tracks steps like the Fitbit but more important it highlights “active minutes”. The goal is 150 “active minutes” a week. The first week I had to work a bit to get those active minutes in but now it’s easy. The software is pretty basic but I’m hopeful it’ll get better with time.

Not sure I’m ready to “walk to Mordor” yet though….

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The last couple months I’ve been coasting but it’s been okay!

I’ve been dutifully tracking my food on My Fitness Pal but not restricting what I ate. I don’t mean to say I ate EVERYTHING that took my fancy but I didn’t stress about calories. If I was out to dinner I allowed myself to order what I wanted. If I was craving ice cream I had ice cream. But I didn’t grab a candy bar or a bag of chips every time I was in a store (like I used to do).

I did this for 3 months and I did NOT gain weight. I didn’t lose weight either. But the important thing is I didn’t gain any. As anyone who has ever lost weight knows, regaining is SUPER easy and happens so fast. So 3 months of eating like I think I will have to eat for the rest of my life was a great experience. It makes me feel like I can keep this weight off this time.

However, in reality I want to lose another 50 pounds and eating this way will not allow me to lose that weight. I need hip replacement, probably not this winter but in the next year or so and both the surgery and the recovery will be so much better if I lose this weight.

So, I’m going to go back to counting the calories and not just tracking them. And unlike the first 70 pounds, this time around I’m going to get out and get more exercise.

I didn’t just sit around doing nothing while I lost 70 pounds but I wasn’t pushing myself. I did the whole “Walk to Rivendell” thing but it was just my daily walking. Walking is my main source of exercise but I’m getting out and hiking in the woods more. The dogs are loving it!

Wish me luck!

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Historically when i haven’t checked in for a while it’s because I’m avoiding admitting bad news or the return of bad habits.

But not this time!

I’m doing a good job tracking my food (over 200 days on MFP!), eating healthy, and limiting junk food. I’m not feeling deprived or crazy cravings. When i do indulge in some treat I make sure it’s something I really want and make time to enjoy it. And then I don’t kick myself or feel like one treat has ruined the whole day so why not have six or ten more.

I’m still losing weight. It’s slow but it’s real. I want to lose 45 more pounds. If it takes me a year or two years or even longer that’s fine.

I feel like I can do this thing!

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Back on December 28th, 2010 I wrote a post with EXACTLY the same title… and then I lost another 20 pounds… And starting in July 2011 I started regaining. Slowly at first and then for a horrible 10 month period at work rather rapidly. Till I was up to 265-270 or so. I don’t even really know because the scale and I stopped being on speaking terms.

But in December 2016 I started losing again and now here I am back in Onederland, glorious wonderful Onederland.

I am really determined not to backtrack like last time. I’m definitely more in control of my appetites and impulses than last time. But I’m also so very aware of how easy it is to fall back into bad old habits.

But for today I’m just going to enjoy being once again in Onederland.

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I had my “annual” physical yesterday and got blood work done. When I got sick this past winter they took a lot of blood a lot of different times and got all kinds of results. My doctor asked me to come back after I was finally healthy again to get a more accurate set of numbers.

And I’m happy to report my numbers are much improved. My LDL is still high but everything else looks good. I’m still losing weight at a healthy rate, eating whole foods, and getting more exercise so I am hopeful my numbers will only get better. I really hope to be in Onederland again sometime this month.

I updated my “stats” graph on my “tickers & stats” page to record my progress.

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April was a good test of patience and willpower. I only lost 1.4 pounds for the entire month. It was so tempting to just chuck it all and wallow in a lovely variety of junk food.

But instead I’d tried to think of it as “at goal” and what would I do if this was my goal weight. Even though 211 isn’t my goal, if I never lost another pound it would still be better than all the higher weights I’ve visited. So for April 211 was my goal weight.

Now one week in to May I’ve been rewarded by a 2.8 pound loss. Twice my April total!

Maybe next week it’ll go up, maybe I won’t lose any more for the month. But my patience and perseverance was rewarded and I will try to stay patient and keep persevering.

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Fifty pounds down and fifty to go.

I know it is doable. And I know I can do it. But right now, mostly healed up but not quite plus with weather that makes getting out in the woods kinda tough, I’m feeling blah about the weight i’ve lost, the weight I have to lose, the food i’m eating, really pretty much every thing. I’m not inclined to go eat junk food, so that’s a plus! But I’m sort of feeling not inclined about anything. It’s just a phase. I know that. I wish knowing made it go away sooner though….

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Last week I got my gallbladder removed in a remarkably easy out patient procedure. First thing the surgeon said to me in recovery was “no more food restrictions!”. Totally music to my ears.


In reality my life should always have food restrictions. Both what I eat and how much I eat. For the last three months my body has forced extreme food restriction on me. While I’m glad to no longer be living in fear of extreme pain I hope I have actually learned something from this experience.

The day after my surgery i had a peanut butter cup. It was lovely.

And then i went right back to making healthy choices. I’m going to keep making healthy choices. I can do this!

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So, I had the brilliant idea to go check out the Maintainers section. These are folks who lost the weight and kept it off. Three posts really clicked for me. They are quite old now, I wonder if the authors are still maintaining. (sad note: the last quote is from “Justwant2Bhealthy” aka Rosebud who passed away from cancer a year and a half after the quoted post.)


There do seem to be a couple of general “rules” that help us stay within maintenance.

I think most of us have either a set number or a “maintenance range” weight (usually a fluctuation of about 5 lbs.)

Most people post that they weigh themselves on a regular schedule (how often depends again on the individual).

They also have a “red line” weight. Once they get near or go over the red line they switch into diet mode until they are in their maintenance range again. (Mudpie 1/23/2009)


Think about maintaining right now. Right NOW. This process isn’t over when we reach goal. You’ll find that most of us maintainers, if not all, do the same exact thing to maintain our loss as we did to lose the weight, the careful monitoring and tracking of calories, the “clean” eating, planning ahead, frequent exercise, frequent scale watching, etc. Some of us up our calories by a few hundred a day, others, like myself, keep their calories the same and adds in a splurge meal every now and then. You will have to discover what works best for you.

Remember, this is no “diet” that you’re on. No going back to the old ways. The minute that you go back to those old ways, the minute, maybe sooner, that you gain back the weight. There is no way around that. (rockinrobin 1/24/2009)


*GOOD TIPS* ~ be very careful about allowing 1-2 cookies here; or a piece of pie there; or some chips here; and some ice cream there. That can be the beginning of a slippery slope right back into obesity …

1) FACE FACTS: You CANNOT go back to overeating unhealthy foods in unlimited amounts, if you don’t want to undo all your hard work, and gain the weight back — it’s just that plain & simple!!!

2) SELF-MONITOR: if you see your weight is slipping back up; do not allow it to go up more than 5 lbs. Immediately take a look at what you have been eating, and tweak your meals again until that 5 lbs is back off …

3) DON’T LIE TO YOURSELF ~ when you see a gain, get to work on it right away; that very same day!

4) CLEAN HOUSE, AGAIN ~ if you have allowed junk back into the house; get rid of it!

5) LIMIT EATING OUT ~ unless you consistently choose healthier options, limit eating out to once a week or month.

6) FIND HEALTHIER OPTIONS ~ i.e. have baked tators instead of french fries cooked in fat. Choose oven-baked chicken or deli BBQ spit chicken instead of fried. Or have the KFC chicken but only with a salad and NO FRIES! And have that only a few times a year (no more than once a month).

7) ONCE A MONTH RULE ~ keep the “Once A Month rule” and you should not gain any weight back. This means you cannot have and high-calorie meal, dessert, or snack more than once a month for maintenance. I believe my doctor was right on about this idea. Why — becuz one time a month will be a wash over that amount of time: it’s all about “The law of averages” rule. Averaged over a month, one off plan meal, dessert, or snack should not affect your weight. (Justwant2Bhealthy 2/28/2012)

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