Hello again 230’s….because…

…We’re pregnant!!!!  =)  Surprise!

Ben and I found out on June 9th that we’re pregnant and we’re sooo excited!  lol  It was quite a surprise but we can’t wait!  The expected due date is February 20th.  I’m almost at 10 weeks and I can’t believe how fast it’s going!  Its really surreal! 

We’ve had 4 ultrasounds so far and it’s just amazing to see how much the baby changes every couple weeks!  Our first U/S due to some spotting at 4ish weeks, the baby wasn’t even there yet.  Then at 5 weeks/ 5 days it was a little glob, and then at 7 weeks/ 3 days it was so much bigger and had a shape, and then at almost 10 weeks you could see the head, body, arms, and legs…AND HE WAS DANCING AND WIGGLING! Its just so amazing to see the little heart beating and it moving around…I’m in aw!  He’s growing and everything looks great! 

It’s just such an exciting time full of new experiences and I’m pretty much speechless!  lol


Some more exciting news!!  Ben and I are going to be getting married in August!  We’ve always planned on getting married but I wanted to wait until I was done with school but the baby is speeding up that process just a little!  lol  *Squee*!   We’re just going to do something simple…we’re thinking about elloping and going to Vegas for a couple days, flying up to MD and getting a justice of the peace to come out to the beach, or just doing the justice of the peace here.    I’ve never wanted a big wedding…My theory has always been to just save that money and use it to buy a house or take an amazing honeymoon!  lol   We’ll be deciding soon though because it’s a month away! 


My re-epiphany…

I’ve relearned this week that if I just count my calories like a good girl AND workout at the same time I lose weight!  It was like *ding* and the light came back on.

I’ve been struggling for MONTHS with being on plan and working out.  I have kept promising myself, my vlog viewers and blog readers that I’m going to get back on plan.  I keep promising that there’s no more fooling around and yet somehow I’ve still been STUCK.  Luckily, I’ve maintained in a +/- 5lb (228-232) range which I’m THANKFUL for BUT I’m ready to see it go down!  I’ve been ready to see it go dowwwn but my attempts have failed.  Why?  Simply because for some odd reason I’ve forgotten to focus on both very important aspects of losing weight, working out & counting strictly, at the same time!  Oops.  One week I would do GREAT with working out but not count my calories….then I would notice I’m still stuck and try and focus on counting calories and forget about working out.  It’s been back and forth for months and I’m soooo happy that this morning when I stepped on the scale and was FINALLY at 227 that my little light went off and I realized that I’ve been counting strictly and working out!  Ding ding ding…that’s what works!!!! Duh! Silly me!  So this time…with my head on straight…we’re going to start seeing the scale move it on dowwwn! 

I got a little depressed this afternoon because looking back I should be down to almost 200 by now…I should’ve been 215-220 by Valentine’s Day!  I had to kind of slap myself to open my eyes and realize that as of today I HAVE LOST 50 POUNDS!!!  That huge and I have no excuse what so ever to be moping around because I’m not 200lbs yet.  I’ve done great, I’ve gotten over bumps in the road, and I’ve kept going when I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted….I’m doing it!  No matter how slow…I’m doing it! 

I have this new fire under my rump and I’m so ready to be 100% committed in counting calories, working out, and focusing on being healthy!


Good-Bye 230’s! Hello 220’s!

FINALLY!  After NINE WEEKS stuck in the 230’s Ive moved down! 

I admit that half of it was my fault for being a bit too relaxed with cheating here and there AND not really giving it my all in the gym but for the past couple weeks Ive been being a good girl with no results. 

This is where I would like to give my thanks to 24 Hour Fitness and my new gym membership for getting me down to 228 today!  lol  Ben and I got gym memberships this week and OMG its so nice.  I was so bored with going to the apt fitness center and being stuck on that treadmill.  We now have access to ANY equipment we want, a basketball court, a lap pool, and weights!  The only negative thing, which has really turned into a hidden positive, is that we have to drive 15 mins to get to the closest location.  Its been working out really well because if you drive 15 mins to get to the gym you want to make you workout worth the drive the get there.  Last night for example, Ben and I were at the gym from 12:45 until 3:30.  We did 40 mins of cardio (cross trainer and row machine), spent a while on the weights, did ab work, ran around the basketball court playing around, and then swam laps for while.  I got sooo much exercise and its been like that everytime we’ve gone so far! 

I talked about just how motivating it is to go to a gym on my vlog yesterday too.  I LOVE it.  If Im surrounded by people working out around me it really pushes me to workout that much harder.  I dont want to slack off if I know someone may be looking at me.  lol  Im also a weirdo that loves to be surrounded by athletic/in shape people so that while Im working out I can look around and see where I want to be.  Its great inspiration! 

Ive really fallen in love with swimming laps!  Its a perfect ending to a really good workout.  Its more of an reward for working on that a workout in disguise itself!  =)  Ben taught me how to do flip turns too so Im getting better with each workout!   Its so relaxing! 

OH!  I also had to go out and buy a pair of size 16 jeans a couple weeks ago.  I could take off and put on my 18’s without unbuttoning so I figured it was time!  

Its just surreal to me that Im ONE pound away from a 50 lb loss!  I keep an excel sheet of my loss and my last day recorded on there is my birthday, 10/30.  I am at week 30 of 59…at around half way done!  Im so amazed that Ive been doing this for 30 weeks!  WOW!  I can obviously add more weeks to it but that was my initial goal date which was overwhelming and just a dream when I made it. 

Anywho, Im starting to ramble on so I’ll leave it at that for tonight!  Expect to hear from me again soon when I get down to 221/20%!!!!  **happy dance!**

Stay strong ladies and keep working hard!  We can do this!  <3

Still here! W/Pics

I just wrote a huge post out and its gone!  Booo!  lol

Anywho…I think Ive officially reached my first real plateau and Im working on changing stuff up and breaking through it!  Im still in the freakin 230s but last week I was exactly 230 and sooo close.  Im just lingering around and its frustrating but I know I just have to stay strong, keep working hard, and push through it and soon enough I’ll see my mini-goal #4 of 221/20% lost!  I have plane tickets to go to PA/MD to visit family and am going to get down to onederland by the end of May when I leave!  Im absolutely determined to get through this and be skinny for the first time in my life! 

I cant believe that im just a  few pounds away from being at 50lbs lost!  5.5 months ago I was still doubting myself but now that Ive made it this far theres no turning back! 

I have some updated pics that I took a few weeks ago and I couldnt believe the difference but its real! Im posting them below! Also, Ive been keeping track of my measurements and so far in my bust/waist/hips I have lost 21inches.  *squee*!!!


I hope everyone out there is doing great and making amazing progress!  Stay strong ladies!  We can do this!





Wohoo!  I jumped on my scale this morning and was FINALLY at 235!  It’s taken forever.  I’ve been impatiently waiting for this because 235 is my lowest adult weight!  Yay.  My next goal is 20% which puts me at 221 and 55lbs down!  I’m ready!    I’ll post my new progress pics soon! 

My weight-loss has tremendously slowed down though the last 2 months.  It’s definitely my fault because I’ve slacked on working out and I’ve been quite a bit more lenient with what I’m eating.  So I’m loosing but a pound a week compared to 3 and 4 lbs at the beginning. 

I guess I really never expected to keep losing so quickly and it’s probably healthier for me.  I plan to get strict again especially since winter is almost gone and it’s going to start getting hot out quick.  I want to look good for summer!!!!! 

The last couple months have almost been me taking a break without actually gaining the weight back which is great.  If anything at least I know I’m prepared for maintaining my weight once I hit my final goal weight!  =) 

With not being as strict I really didn’t feel like blogging…here or my video blog.  Who wants to hear about someone on a weight loss journey who isn’t really working out or eating on plan 100% of the time?  Even though I’ve struggled to get strict again and get going I think it’s about time for me to stop trying and just do it!  I want to see onederland ASAP! 

I hope all the bloggers out there are doing great!!!! 


Help! I need caffeine!

I dont mean to be negative but today has just been tough!  So Ive been struggling with getting off my bottom. I feel so so so unmotivated to do anything. I could quite literally stay in bed all day and only get up to eat and potty…which is pretty much all Ive done today.

I know I need to get up and go work-out, study, clean, do laundry, and many other things but I just dont have the energy to get up. This isnt anything new for me. Its been a problem for a long time. Sometimes I do wake up and get going but those days seem to be rare… 

I’m a college student but am only going part-time this semester, I dont work, and Ive just gotten soooo lazy. I may be in a slightly depressed slump but I dont really think thats the problem. I try and stay between 1200 and 1500 cals a day of healthy & filling foods so I really dont think its the food either.

I posted a thread on 3FC and one of the ladies mentioned my iron levels and another mentioned my caffeine.  It like suddenly hit me that its totally my caffeine!  Im used to getting a pretty good amount of caffeine everyday and today I havnt had ANY!  In fact, I havnt even had anything to drink.  So I jumped in the shower, fixed something for dinner, and got a big glass of iced tea and Im actually feeling MUCH MUCH BETTER!  Thank goodness!  I didnt even think about my lack of caffeine but it totally makes sense! 

Im going to start doing some kind of reward system elementary school style.  Like seriously a sticker system!  lol  Ive seen a couple people do it on you tube so it may help me out a bit in order to have a visual on how Im doing. 

I hope everyones having a fantastic day! 


Long time no see!

Hey Chicks! 

Ive neglected my blog long enough!  Christmas was just so tough.  Well, the holidays period.  My weight was all over the place and jumping up way too high for my liking and then I would get it down and then up again and then down again…lol  It was REALLY hard!  I finally got back on track with calorie counting and working out so Im pumped and ready to go again!  I was at 241 at the beginning of this week but then started TOM and have been hanging around at 243 but I have had the most horrible TOM ever (like seriously) so Im really expected a whoosh and the 230’s to be around at the beginning of next week!  =) 

I decided to start a video blog today!  I was browsing around on you-tube and was so inspired of all the weight loss blogs I found.  Ive never had a video blog and thought it would be a fantastic way to look back on my journey in the future to really see my progress.  I have no idea why I didnt think about it 36 pounds ago..I really wish I had but I still have a long ways to go and plenty of changes to be made!  =)  I think it’ll be a little easier for me to keep up with a video blog rather my typing.  We’ll see though!  Im super excited.  I definitely had a hard time the first time since I had no idea on how to even post the video…I recorded, edited, and played around a bit only to find out youtube only allows 10 min videos and I had 13 **rolls eyes***  lol  So it took so much longer for the first one…Im hoping it will be a quick post in the future though so that will be my determining factor. 

Im also thinking about posting my video on here if I can get it to work instead of worrying about links to youtube and everything.  I’ll try that today and see how it works out!  Yay!   ***It didnt work…youtube it is!  I’ll get the link when I finish setting up my profile and stuff on there! 

School is starting next week!  Im super nervous.  Im done with all my prereqs to get into the nursing program but I have to apply and wait so while Im waiting Im going to retake A&P just in case I dont get in and that way next semester if I have to reapply my GPA will be higher.  Im also taking a ceramics class with Ben so that should be fun!  Im seriously going to start studying for A&P this weekend before our first class…theres already so much info in the powerpoints she’s posted.  Yikes! 

I forgot to mention that ALL  my jeans in my closet now fit me!  Wohooo!  A couple of them are actually even pretty loose so 16’s are in my near future!  Soooo exciting! 

Alrighty, I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year thus far and hopefully I’ll be checking in more often! 

Week 13! Holy Cow!

So Ive realized today 2 things.  1 being that I am halfway through the valentines day challenge and may actually reach the far fetched goal that I put on myself at week 3 of my journey.  The 2nd thing being that I am seriously at week 13 of my journey!!!!!  Holy cow.  That is just such a huge milestone for me!  When I was doing Body For life, a 12 week program, I had every intention of finishing BUT I ended up quitting at week 8.  So just getting to week 8 of this journey meant so much to me.  I thought about it and waited for it to come around so I could push through and make it to week 9.   Suddenly Im PAST week 12 even and sitting at week 13 without a thought about it until I looked at my spreadsheet today.  Quiting at week 8 of BFL really just blew my self esteem and self trust.  I started this in October with little faith that I would even get past week 8.  I let myself down before and failed and it really did something to me.  But here I am, sitting in my lose sweats, and realizing that I ABSOLUTELY CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!  Im amazed with how far Ive come and Im ecstatic!  Granted, I have slacked off alot….I was like the life change/strict calorie counting/workout queen natzi at the beginning of this and now that Im cut my self some slack I feel like Im not working hard enough even though Im still losing 2-4 lbs a week.  I must be doing something right.   I am struggling but Im working through it and thats what matters right now.  I have no doubt in my mind that Im going to make it to my ultimate goal of <150.  By February 14th Im going to be in the 210’s!!!!  Im going to need to buy new clothes in the next few months and Im so excited! 

I made a team challenge today on my BL team board that I was going to challenge myself to workout 5 day a week until the new year.  Im going to push myself to work out.  I need to post a few pics around my apt of lose flabby skin and that’ll get me moving!  I know how important it is and this is definitely where the commitment of my journey needs to come into play!!  

Im doing a happy dance right now!  Im feeling good and I hope yall are too!  =)


Bye bye bye 250’s!

I hopped on the scale yesterday and low and behold it was at 248!!!!  I was so excited!  Ive been waiting patiently to be able to move the scale to the 200’s instead of the 250’s! 249 put me at my 10% Mini Goal too!   Wohooo!  So as of yesterday I have lost 29 pounds and Im so excited!   I

ve also been running which is AMAZING!  One day last week I jumped on the treadmill and ran as long as I could…I started off at just 5 mins and then I did a full 10 minutes!  AND then the next day I went and decided to run 15 mins straight and ended up doing 18 mins and a mile and a half!!!!  It felt so so so amazing.  My legs didnt hurt, my chest didnt feel like it would explode…it was great!  My sides were so sore though for a couple days!  lol  Sadly though the last 2 times Ive tried to run this week I have only lasted 5 mins.  The first day I was still full from dinner though and felt like I was going to puke…Im on my period too so maybe my stomach is just being weird from that.  I will try again later and hopefully with better results! 

School is FINALLY out for the semester!  Im so glad!  ALthough I ended up making a freakin B in Chem.  I needed a 94 on the final to make an A and I made a 92 which left my grade at an 89 and he didnt bump it up!  Jerk face.  I was highly irritated with myself for not doing better on past exams but it is what it is and a B wont kill me…I dont guess.  I did however make an A in Statistics.  Yay.  =)    I now feel like I can breath and focus on my weightloss for the next month!  Ive been using school as an excuse to not work out the past couple weeks so I need to get with it now…no excuses.  It doesnt help that Im feeling EXTREMELY lazy today buuut I will work out!  I will work out!  I will work out!  Stupid TOM. 

I am going to get a haircut tonight too!  Im going to call it my 10% reward!  I think Im going to get some side bangs!  I need something different.  Im seriously thinking that when I get down to goal Im going to get a cute little bob cut.  My mom used to cut my hair into a really short cut when I was younger because of my really curly hair as a kid and it always looked pretty good on me.  Commmme on goal!  Wohoo! 

Hope all of you Chicks are having a great week!  =) 



Going to PA!

So I decided that after Christmas Im going to go up to PA/MD to visit my sister, neices, and friends and Im so excited!  I miss my neices SOOOO much.  Im pretty homesick actually.  Im originally from Texas and moved to MD for 4 years and just moved back to Texas this year.  When I moved to MD my oldest neice was only 4 months and then a year and a half later my sister had my youngest neice.  They are now 4 and 2 and Ive always been there with them so its just so strange to not be able to see them now.  I feel like Im definitely missing out and I hate it! 

Anways, Im going back to visit and I want to look as good as possible!!!  Its a great motivator and actually what has helped me get strict again!  Ive ate great and worked out the past 2 days and am absolutely thrilled to be back on track.  Its so scary falling off the wagon.  =(  I hope I dont have another scare for quite a while!  All I know right now though is that I want to look freakin AMAZING in January!  I just hope I dont get off track there but I have a month to prepare for that! 

Im about to go and try to have a good work out at the gym.  I just hope my knee doesnt act up!  I’ll be glad when I get insurance and can go get it looked at!  I also want to update my weight chart after I get back.  Im obviously a bit late but better late than never!  =)

Hope everyone is having a great day! 

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