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Avoiding the scales Post Op

When I didn’t see an immediate weight loss after my surgery I started avoiding the scales.  I thought I’d have a hysterectomy, heal in a couple of weeks, and boom be power walking 5ks the following week.  Not!  I’ve been told by my doctor, nurses, and friends who had this done it’s actually a long healing process.  You can feel fabulous but a lot was done inside that needs to heal.  I finally got clearance to walk to my hearts content but cautioned to stop if I feel pain or discomfort.  Suddenly seeing #’s on a scale go down are not as important as healing my body.  Interestingly enough I notice my jeans are fitting looser 🙂  Nothing drastic just suddenly realized the “bagginess” through the legs and I can fasten the waist with ease (no glaring bulge over top!)  Sometimes when we relax a bit good things start to happen!


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