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Still hanging in there

I weighed myself again the other day and still no loss, but I’m not upset.  My pants are fitting better, bloat is gone, and in general feel wonderful.  I haven’t given up at all, but I truly realized after my hysterectomy that recovery happens in stages.  The doctor just gave me clearance to walk again so I’m easing back into that.  Due to financial problems I haven’t always been able to buy good foods but that too recently changed, and I’m happy to say that fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and other good for you foods have made their way back in my house.  I also set up a fitness goal through a website so that I can refocus on how much I’m eating and exercising.  I’m very excited to see where my weight loss journey takes me.  Right now I am up to 220ish.  I’m shooting for 190 lbs.  I know I can do this, it will just take time.

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Avoiding the scales Post Op

When I didn’t see an immediate weight loss after my surgery I started avoiding the scales.  I thought I’d have a hysterectomy, heal in a couple of weeks, and boom be power walking 5ks the following week.  Not!  I’ve been told by my doctor, nurses, and friends who had this done it’s actually a long healing process.  You can feel fabulous but a lot was done inside that needs to heal.  I finally got clearance to walk to my hearts content but cautioned to stop if I feel pain or discomfort.  Suddenly seeing #’s on a scale go down are not as important as healing my body.  Interestingly enough I notice my jeans are fitting looser 🙂  Nothing drastic just suddenly realized the “bagginess” through the legs and I can fasten the waist with ease (no glaring bulge over top!)  Sometimes when we relax a bit good things start to happen!

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I got on the scales twice since my hysterectomy.  Gosh I seriously (not really) thought my uterus weighed 50 lbs and I’d wake up from surgery many lbs lighter.  LOL that didn’t happen!  I went to the gym twice since surgery so I could take some nice easy walks on the treadmill.  While I was there I couldn’t help but jump on their scales.  I hadn’t gained any weight, but no weight loss either 🙁  Disappointing.  I took a step back though and reminded myself that my body was still healing and obviously my metabolism is working pretty slowly.  At this point I’m not putting any pressure on myself.  Once I heal I can refocus.

Now onto my first day back at work.  I was off for two weeks so I was nervous returning.  Can you believe that morning I woke up and realized I had NOT put out any clothes to wear!  I didn’t even know what fit anymore (keep in mind pre surgery I was gaining lots of weight for no reason so each day was roller coaster ride).  You can imagine my delight when I put on my jeans and they fit!  Not only did they fit but that insane bloat WAS GONE!  Before no matter how hard I tried I had at least a small pooch of fat rumbling over the waist band.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still have a large belly but my jeans fit and I now have wiggle room!

I guess this is proof positive that even if the scale isn’t moving you can still be losing inches!  It was so nice to sit at work and not be uncomfortable.  Before I had surgery and when I was first diagnosed with fibroids I would sit at my desk and suddenly my pants would become tight beyond reason!  One of the bad side effects from the condition.  It was to the point I was going to request a doctor’s slip to wear stretch pants to work…for medical reasons!

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