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Post op from 3rd Surgery (3 x’s the charm)

Last year I suffered from horrible periods, terrible pelvic pain, unexplained weight gain and constant fatique.  Conservatively my gyno did an ablation (this required first essure implants then the novasure procedure).  The bleeding decreased but all of the other symptoms remained 🙁  I waited nearly 4 months hoping I would feel better but it never happened so I took the next step and had a hysterectomy.  It wasn’t an easy decision but deciding between losing my uterus or living with life long pain and uncontrollable weight gain I decided to go for broke.  So glad I did!  Immediately my pelvic, side, and back pain were gone!  After a year of stabbing pain I can finally walk straight and not stagger in pain!  PMS symptoms are gone and already I’m eating better and noticing a decrease in waist line bloat.

I’m still recovering but looking forward to losing weight and exercising again.  Can’t wait!


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