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Recovering after surgery

I’ve been suffering with a fibroid for roughly 1.5 years.  Kept putting it off thinking the symptoms (bleeding, pain, weight gain, etc.) would magically go away.  That didn’t happen, so I finally went to the doctor and after months of tests, waiting, more tests, waiting, procedures, more waiting I finally had novasure done.  If this doesn’t work then it’s a hysterectomy for me.

So far so good, but I’m so frustrated over my weight gain.  I was doing all the right things 1.5 years ago…eating right, exercising, and my weight loss completely stopped.  I tried re-adjusting everything, I tried eating more, eating less, exercising more, exercising less, drinking less coffee, more water, etc. and nothing worked!  I kind of gave up when I realized I had a true medical problem.  Normally my body doesn’t tolerate sugars or carbs but my fibroid kicking my hormones (pms) into overdrive and suddenly I craved them like crazy!

Once I had my novasure done I was sure I’d wake up a brand new woman and the weight would start falling off again.  Boy was I wrong!  Illness or no illness I was still overeating!  I’m struggling to get my mindset back into healthy eating.

That’s why I had to update my blog today.  There is nothing like putting things in “black and white” to remind myself that I can do this and TODAY is the first day of this journey (I’ve been on several!).  First hurdle was passing up that eggplant Parmesan for breakfast!  I had it on the plate ready to warm up for breakfast when I reminded myself that this otherwise health vegetable was batter dipped and fried in oil last night!  I heated it up, took it out of the microwave, and as I looked at it reminded myself that this was not the way to start over!  I put it aside for a much healthier flax wrap with egg, onion, and a slice of cheese.

I’m so determined to lose the weight I put on!  I want my pants to fit, I want to stop feeling bloated, and I want to feel comfortable in my own skin!  My pants fit so tight these days and everytime someone takes a picture of me all I can see is that double chin popping out!  I worked so hard before to lose weight and I will do it again!

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