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Medical Issues

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about medical problems, but if it can help me put things into perspective and help others then why not?!

I guess I’ll put things in chronological order here.  Over a year ago I noticed each month my periods were becoming heavier, lasting longer, and more painful.  I’ve always considered myself pretty strong and not one to let a little pain bother me, so I ignored it!  Why not…I’m getting older.  It only comes once a month, so what’s the big deal?  Well the big deal was the fact that this problem didn’t go away nor did it stabilize.  It got progressively worse!  More bleeding (soaking through tampons), extended period duration (I went from menstruating 3-5 days to 7-10 days or more!  Sometimes I’d even stop and start again), increased pain, growing PMS and irritability, and fatigue so bad there were some days I could barely drag myself around the house (this is coming from someone who walks at least 3 miles a day and sometimes 5 and 6).

I tried to convince myself I must of hit a terrible plateau in my life where maybe everything was going downhill.  At the ripe old age of 37 I resigned myself to these awful episodes and that it must be all downhill from here.  LOL an old maid and not even 40 yet!  I invested in more pads, tampons, ibuprofen, coffee, and energy drinks.  Talk about trying to fix a fatal wound with a band aid!

I plugged along though, until a few months ago when I noticed my weight was at a stand still.  OK, lovely, a plateau.  This isn’t fatal, just something I need to muddle through.  I kept eating right and exercising and I knew eventually it would work itself out.  Well 6 months later and I’m still at a standstill I knew something had to be wrong.  Not only was I not losing weight but day to day my clothes would sometimes fit and other times seem tight…but only in my belly.  Some days I felt terribly bloated.  I had two CT scans done when I complained of the pain and each time nothing, except for an excess of stool in my intestines (sorry, it’s gross but true).  So with this knowledge I start to think…not enough fiber, you need to eat more fiber THIS is why you’re not losing weight!  So then I started drinking Metamucil.  Every day, maximum dosage.  Did it help?  Well…a little.  Did my weight go down?  Initially yes (water weight I assume) then back up again.  Did my clothes fit better?  Hmmm…sometimes but most times it was still hit or miss.

Next up I started shaking up my diet…eating more, eating less, more fiber, more protein, more water, more calories, less calories…you name it I did it!  I also began exercising more. I never wanted to be someone who’d exercise for HOURS each day, but what else could I do?  Did any of this work?  Nope!

So finally I resigned myself to weighing around 190 forever.  It’s not a bad number…I just knew I had the potential to go lower, and my inabilities to lose weight were puzzling.

Now to our present day.  My periods have still been in a nutshell awful!  I finally made the time to schedule an appt with my gyno.  I was so nervous and embarrassed.  You’d think I’d be over all that by now, but I felt childish complaining of pain, bleeding, tenderness, etc.  Immediately though the nurse practitioner noted the tenderness in my belly and pelvis and ordered a pelvic ultrasound.  The results?  Fibroids!  Nothing lethal but definitely troublesome…especially when they are ignored!  I still need to follow up with my gyno with the results, but finally it answers some of my medical issues.  Until I can get some direction I did invest in some iron pills and vitamin c in hopes this crazy tiredness can be managed.  I finally have an answer to my weight issues.

I’m going to continue to post updates here on my situation.  Hopefully this will be the start of me getting my health back, getting my period and pain under control, and hopefully losing some weight along the way.


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