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Down some more!

I am now down to 191!  So great just 2 more #’s and I’ll be in the 180’s.  My Friend Susan told me at work today that I looked great the way I was and didn’t have to lose anymore weight.  I was beaming 🙂  Of course I know what my goal weight is so I’d definetly like to lose some more.  My size 14 pants are getting a little lose around the waist.  I used to pull them out of the dryer and they’d be a bit snug and I’d have to stretch them out a bit.  Now the fit fine out of the dryer AND by the end of the workday I’m tugging them up!  What a great feeling.  Little things like this are what motivates me to keep going!  I have NEVER in my life fit into a size 12 so that’s what I’m working towards now.  I”m not sure if my goal weight of 185 will get me to that size but we shall see.  As I’ve said before I might lower my goal weight by 10 more lbs, but for right now 185 is my goal.

I’d like to buy some toning cords out of my paycheck this week.  I found some greating toning exercises for the arms and legs in a magazine and can’t wait to try them.  I know I can’t tone “skin” but I feel if I could build the muscle underneath it would all around improve the appearance of my saggy arms.  I also have a sag between my legs and would like to try some exercises to improve that.

I haven’t given up hope on my belly but my expectations are low knowing there is only so much you can do to tighten those areas.  Currently most of my excess fat is stored there (yeah I know that’s bad) but I know if I keep dropping weight it’s about the only place I could continue to lose—other than my boobs!!!  Oh god I hope I don’t lose them!!!!  That would be horrifying!

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