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Down another lb!

I’m at 193 lbs now!!!  I really uped my exercising yesterday.  Got up early and walked by myself, then walked with my son while he rode his bike, then I walked with him a second time while he rode his bike, and then last night around 10 PM ET he wanted to take a night walk!  What’s great is I didn’t kill myself.  Each time we walked it was more like I made a choice.  Instead of sitting in front of the TV I went out for a stroll instead.   Instead of my son playing video games he rode his bike. 

I noticed something today that put a little smile on my face.  Well, I got that squishy belly thing that drives me nuts!  I stand up it hangs forward (ugh!) I lay down it spread out, and if I turn from side to side it promtly falls here and there.  I noticed this morning when I got up my gut was hanging to the side but it looked less like “molten lava” hanging from my mid section and more like one of those 16th century paintings where woman had softly rounded belly.  Now don’t get me wrong, it definetly still hangs, and I’m not ready to pose for any portraits anytime soon 😉 but I can see a definite improvement.

I have plans to exercise more today and will post later!!!


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